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It’s been awhile

I should just pen-and-paper this one, I can’t draw a freaking scale in Flash. But I’ve wanted to do this one for awhile. Sorry, busy doing homework.


Today’s song: Walk Away by Alex Nifong


Neutrality: It’s Not Just for Switzerland Anymore

So today sucked because it was TA Development Day, which is codename for Groupwork for Nine Hours Day, but while we were designing fake rubrics, I thought of a good topic for some research (even though there’s probably hundreds of papers written on it). What are the effects of having a “neutral” or “no preference” response in Likert-type scales? Like such:


“I am a cool person.”
(1) strongly disagree           
(2) slightly disagree
(3) neutral             
(4) slightly agree              
(5) strongly agree


What effect does it have on the response? Are more people going to fall into that neutral category, thus lowering the number of people who would have chosen otherwise if that category hadn’t been there? Or are people put off by surveys/questionnaires that lack this “middle ground” option—thus including one would increase response? It’s an interesting thing to look at.