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Would a passionate speech about horology be considered a glockenspiel?

I think it would be super cool if someone came up with a cookbook in which all recipes were stupid reconfigurations of mathematicians’/statisticians’ names or mathematical objects.


  • Fibognocci
  • Tukey Sandwiches
  • Vennison
  • Bonferroni and Cheese
  • Putnaan (“Putnam” and “naan”…anyone?)*
  • Gabriel’s Corn
  • Mandelbratwurst
  • Fig Newto—OH WAIT

I’d buy a cookbook like that.


*Yes, I know Putnam wasn’t a mathematician himself, but he’s got that competition named after him, so yeah. It counts.


So here are pictures of shirts that I want need.



That “Stoked” one? Oh my god I want it. They have women’s shirts, too, so it might have to happen. The “Extended Hospitalization” one is pretty fantastic, too.

All from here.


Let’s add this to the “This is Why Claudia Shouldn’t Make Jokes” list.


Also, one of the bullet points on this guy’s “43 Ways to Start Making Money” pages is “get a job.” I can’t tell if that’s hilariously snarky or just jerk-tastic.

Missing: Shade of Blue. Reward if Found: Possible Counterexample.

We started Taylor series proper today, and it’s like the seventh section in a row we’ve spent on series. When our teacher wrote “Taylor Series” on the overhead some guy said, “god, when are the series going to end?”

And without thinking I said, “Never, they’re infinite!” And my teacher looked at me like, “You did not just make that joke.”

Made my day.


Also, happy birthday to Karl Pearson!

Pythagoras, NOOOO!

This is the worst cartoon ever made.

Colons: Invading my blog titles for quite a few days now

My  mom is here, yay! Moving has officially commenced.

And now: geekery!

IKEA is probably the single greatest place ever. We went there tonight ‘cause my mom’s never been in one and wanted to go. Let’s just say that if the whole world was run like an IKEA store, things would move a lot more smoothly. The whole building was like a grid of complete, organized happiness. I was flipping out about the sheer efficiency of the place, my mom was flipping out about the cool kitchen stuff they had. I also got a very awesome rug that you shall see once I get pictures up of my new snazzy apartment.

More fun:



(this made me SO HAPPY)

Sorry, I’m in a “Claudia gets a kick out of math” phase and you’re just going to have to deal with it.

I have made two realizations as of late: I haven’t read anything that wasn’t from my classic books list (except for maybe five books) since 6th grade. I also realized when speaking to another friend about NaNoWriMo that I constructed my novel entirely around a “divide by zero” pun, which is about as bad as a pun addiction can get.


Today’s song: Beautiful, Dirty, Rich by Lady Gaga

Protected: The adventures of Dr. Calculus, Goldstein, and a dumb math joke

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Parallel Lines Meet if You Bend Them


To go here.
And here.

These are great. The math one has a freaking LEIBNIZ CLOCK!! I want it! OMG! Also, the “parallel lines meet if you bend them” thing is just absolutely hilarious to me.


Sorry, that’s all I got today. Busy.