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Early Christmas!

Since I’m flying out to Moscow on Christmas and since all of BC is in Snowpocalypse Mode meaning we can’t get down to Nate’s parents’ house, we had our little mini Christmas this evening. Here are a few of the things I got from Nate:

Another book on Leibniz! YAY


I’ve mentioned to him that I find the Chernobyl disaster very interesting and that I was wanting to see the HBO miniseries on it at some point (we don’t have TV, let alone the HBO channel, so that wasn’t going to happen), so he got me the series and a book!



And then, from my dad:


He got one for Nate as well! It’ll be interesting to compare/contrast the results of this with the 23andMe results.



Heeeeeeeeeeey, it’s time for FAKE CHRISTMAS IN MOSCOW!

‘Cause that is the tradition here. At least one member of the family (me, my dad, etc.) is usually not around on actual December 25th, so we have “fake Christmas” on a different day.

‘Cause we’re cool.

Anyway, I got a Fitbit from my dad since he knows I like to track and record stuff like that. He also gave both me and my mom one of my grandma’s crystal paperweights. Grandma had approximately 3,000 of them and I apparently loved to pick them up and toddle around with them when I was young enough to barely be able to walk. I made her panic, haha. It means a lot to us that we each have one of those to remember my grandma by.


It’s Canadian Thanksgiving today! Nate and I (and his parents and brother) went down to his grandma’s house to have dinner with her and some other members of the family. Nate and I played catch with a pinecone for like two hours while we were there, ‘cause we’re adults.

It was fun. Nate’s family is cool.


Blah, blah, blah, Valentine’s Day, blah, blah blah.

Valentine’s Day is such a polarizing holiday. You’ve got people saying “OMG I LUVS IT” and others saying “KILL IT WITH FIRE.” What about not giving it a second thought?

So I’ll leave you with this (even though it’s old). Particularly for you, Matt, ‘cause of your bio background. :)

Best. Present. Ever.

Today was a fairly crappy Christmas for both my mom and myself (due to the wonderful, wonderful circumstances this year has brought both of us).
But my mom is an awesome human being (have I mentioned this yet? I need to mention it more) and surprised me with the book I was raving about a few months ago.

Observe this bad boy:

1,800 glorious pages of statistical tests, examples, and explanations. 43 individual statistical tests.

What am I going to do with this glorious wealth of knowledge?


I also think I’m going to use this as the basis for a new blog starting January 1st. I think I’m going to call it StatsWeekly, and in it I’m going to, once a week, go over one of the tests in the Big Bad Stats Book of Awesomeness. I’ll find an appropriate data set, analyze it using the weekly featured tests, and discuss the interpretation and its implications.

How’s that sound? I’ll try to keep it away from this blog, ‘cause I know you’re all probably sick of my gushing over stats.

Yay! And Merry Christmas, ladies and gents!

This blog tastes like crap!

Christmas alone.

On an unrelated note, bleaching my hair does not work. 90 minutes of bleach intensity does practically NOTHING. I think my hair needs to be lab analyzed for its weirdness.

Tomorrow is “Boxing Day” which translates to “Play Fallout 3 Incessantly Day.”
It’ll certainly be better than today was.



Today’s song: Sleepyhead (Neo Tokyo Remix) originally by, of course, Passion Pit

The United States is a GEEZER

Haha, yay for 4th of July shenanigans. I didn’t take many pictures, but here are a few videos of us being rad.

I love how every time I come back here I make new friends.


Today’s song: Practice Makes Perfect by Cute Is What We Aim For