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Friends! Followers! Random passers-by! Lend me your eyes!

So I had this idea and I think it would be fun.

This year sucks ‘cause Halloween is in the freaking middle of the week. But I was thinking that the old gang could get together either the weekend before or the weekend after, get all Halloween dressed up, crash Shari’s, then come back to the basement for a good old fashioned basement party. Preferably still in costume. Or OUT of costume, if you know what I mean.


I have no idea why I’m randomly thinking about Halloween.




P.S. Happy birthday, Matt!



WHY didn’t I go as Leibniz today? WHY?!
God, that would have been AMAZING! I would have worn the black feather boa on my head and pranced around drawing integrals all over stuff and mass-sacrificing Fig Newtons in a pit of flame!

Next year, I promise.

You can lead Godot and Vladimir and Estragon, but you can’t make him show up

Lesson of the day: Friends don’t let dorky friends carve pumpkins.

Alternatively: Aaron and I should not carve pumpkins together.

He carved his, pumpkin pi, by hand with no reference. Badass.
I love this one picture we took because you can see practically everything dorky we have around the house. You can see the Rock Band drums and a Rock Band guitar on the table, the window’s covered by a blanket ‘cause we STILL don’t have blinds, Lanky’s playing Zelda on the Wii (except you can’t see the big ass TV), the router’s got like 5 wires coming out of it…what a fun house.

What a drag

Despite the stares, the laughs, and the at least four instances of, “oh, I get it, you’re a guy!” (no…really, Einstein?), today was freaking awesome. I honestly didn’t think I’d be that comfortable in male clothing (and facial hair) outside of the drag shows, especially walking around campus. But I did feel comfortable, very comfortable.

Almost to a scary point, actually.


Yeah, it was a good day.