Bonus fuckery:

You know what I haven’t done in a while? Annoyed you all with old irrelevant snippets from my 2006-2009 MSN conversations.

So let’s do that, ‘cause I’m bored. These are all with Nick, who appears to have just vanished off the face of the earth.

Cobraphilia: my PENIS BROKEN
Cobraphilia: *pen is
Cobraphilia: *PEN IS
Cobraphilia: GOD DAMMIT

Dr. Bomb: i just burned the hell out of my fingertips on a hot cup of coffee
Action Leibniz!: …you don’t drink coffee?
Dr. Bomb: nope i hate it
Dr. Bomb: but this hotel room has a coffee maker
Dr. Bomb: and if a hotel room has a coffee maker, you are obligated by the law to make coffee
Action Leibniz!: Hahaha, are we the same person? I do that too
Dr. Bomb: *milhouse voice* so this is what it feels like…when doves cry

Dr. Bomb: I have disco fever!
Dr. Bomb: or, you know, the flu

welshy: L is for ludicrous neighbors partying on Wednesday evenings
welshy: O is for “oh my holy god it’s 3 am please stop partying”
welshy: U is for “u gonna get shanked if you don’t stop partying”
welshy: D is for “dis tired next door neighbor is gonna call the cops”

Dr. Bomb: ik09
Action Leibniz: ik09?
Dr. Bomb: there was a bug on my keyboard
Dr. Bomb: i’m assuming his secret code name is ik09, since that’s what keys i hit when i murdered him
Action Leibniz: I’m sure knowing his code name will be a comfort to his wife at his funeral

welshy: what instrument do you play again?
Eine kleine Nachtfieber: I play more than one
welshy: whoa
welshy: at the same time??? [he was so drunk, haha]

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