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Take a look at this ad:

Does this make anyone else laugh like crazy?


“Running Groom Lincoln” would be a fantastic alt band.
It would also be a good name for a webcomic.
Or we could just make Lincoln appear randomly in everything.

My Photoshop skills are damn horrible.

Oh, and there’s this ad, too.


That dude on the far right looks waaaaaaay uncomfortable.

Yes, I had some free time tonight. This is why such a thing is dangerous.

Teehee. Friends.

I wanted to dedicate the whole of yesterday’s post to my good friend leaving Moscow, so this stuff is going in for today. And technically, most of this stuff DID happen today, so HA.

Dear Matt, Maggie, and Max: I love all you fools. It was awesome to hang out with you, chug sugar shots, make fun of large milkshake straws, be social nuisances in Shari’s, and be social nuisances in Ghormley Park.

And draw presidents with boobs.

For those of you who weren’t there: that’s Viking Lincoln being ogled by John Wilkes Booth. There was a little more added to this drawing after taking this pic, but it was inconsequential to the pic’s overall awesomeness.

Anyway, I’m 99% sure I’ll be back in Moscow at some point in life (all roads lead to Moscow…), at which point we all must hang out again.


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