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Oh, Twitter

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve seen something that made me just go “HAH” out loud. I love it.

Ready for a blast from the past?

I wasn’t. But I got one today anyway.

It’s Jessica. As in, “Rob and Jessica.” As in, the “I hate you because the guy I like decided to ask you out, you trickster whore” Jessica.

Yeah. Her.

The last contact we had was back in 2008. This is the first I’ve heard from her since then.

So here are my questions: am I a petty asshole for not wanting to reply to this at all? Is it wrong of me to think that this (nearly 10 years after the fact) apology does not make up for all of this bullshit? Am I a bad person for getting all riled up about that whole damn Rob/Jessica nonsense again just based on this message?

Actually, you know what? I don’t actually care about the answers to those questions.

I’m not going to reply to her message. Maybe it’s because I’m a petty asshole. Maybe it’s because I’m wrong in thinking that an apology doesn’t make up for all the nonsense she pulled back in 2008. Maybe it’s because I’m a bad person. I don’t actually care. The more I think about all that 2008 nonsense with her and Rob and myself and all the related drama, the more I realize that the current me would not have put up with any of that. I would have dropped it all before it got as ridiculous as it did.

And while I can’t change the past, I can make up for it in the present. How? By not engaging. By not putting up with anything related to any of that goddamn drama that made the first half of 2008 so ridiculous.*

Petty? Maybe. Healthy? Yes.

Sorry, I just felt like talking about this, so of course it had to go on my blog.

*I just wanted to date Sean. I just wanted to date Sean. Instead I got to be part of the soap opera shitfest that was getting involved with Rob. Shoot 2008 me in the face.

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This is why I’m happy and this is why you should shut the hell up.

Okay, I’m getting pretty sick of all this shit. I’m happy, okay? You all just need to shut the hell up and deal with it, ‘cause guess what? I’m not going to change anything. Just chill the hell out and leave me alone.

Let’s make things a little MORE awkward, shall we?

Why do I have this uncanny ability to make everything as awkward as possible?
Sorry, everyone affected.

Drama: just what we need

UGH why does everything I do seem to make someone else’s life a little bit crappier? This is obnoxious, and a crappy way to start the semester.

Waiter! There’s an Ego in my Eggo!

 (Two years later edit: hahaha, ignore all this. What drama we lived in back then, eh?)

Ah, I hate it when this kind of thing happens.

I was going to leave this alone, I was going to let it all just go on, but recent events have, shall we say, forced my blogging hand, and therefore there will be a blog about it now from me. Just one, so that I can state my stance, then I’ll drop it.

Put it simply, I hate it when my friends have disagreements and stop talking to one another. It depresses me and causes tension, not to mention shoots a couple of my plans for the end of the semester to hell. For the record, I’m not saying “you all need to be friends again and love each other, etc., etc.!” I know the situation, I know the circumstances, and, thanks to frequenting the table as much as I’ve been doing, have heard it from many peoples’ perspectives. I have my opinions but they will remain silent because, hey, they’re just my opinions and have no value here whatsoever. What’s done is done.

That being said, here’s point two: I plan on remaining friends with all parties involved. That’s it, end of story. I know this might make one or more of you mad (or it may not—nobody’s really said anything about that), but it’s what I’m going to do. I was friends with all of you before this started, and I’m going to remain friends with all of you now that it’s happened. If any of you have an issue with this, please tell me, ‘cause I’d like to know. It’s either going to be all of you or none of you if issues flair up (I am not choosing sides, forget it), and I’d much prefer it to be all of you, as the “none of you” option would leave me pretty much friendless when marching band starts up again in the fall, and that would suck.

I will remain a sounding board for any of you who need to talk/complain/vent about things (related to this or in general), but keep in mind that that applies to all of you. My friendship with all parties will continue on, and I’m not going to apologize for it if it turns out that that’s a problem.

I will, for the sake of this situation, remain entirely neutral; I just thought it necessary for me to let you know where I stood. I may sound a bit overdramatic about it, but it’s big enough to cause the issues that prompted this blog, so from that I draw my justification.
There you go.

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This just in: geophagists across the globe are biting the dust!

Guess what, guess what?!?!?!?!?!?

I wrote a play.

And guess what, guess what?!?!?!?!?!?

It’s going to be produced.

I am in a state of joy only comparable to the state of joy I achieve when I’m not wearing pants in a public area.