The House: 10 Years Ago

So tonight, instead of working on posting my tremendous backlog of blogs, I do what I always do instead when I’m procrastinating posting my blogs: read my old blogs.

And in doing so, I realized that it was 10 years ago today that I moved into “The House” with Sean, Aaron, Lanky, and Michael.

Living there with those guys was one of the most enjoyable years of my life. Fun memories:

  • How ridiculous that house was. The Soul Hole, the window that kept trying to kill me, the lack of curtains, the seizure light.
  • Rock Band. All the time. Obsessively. It was our lives.
  • Midnight trips to Shari’s.
  • Netflix movie nights, which were basically us nostalgia-tripping on movies from our childhoods while at the same time criticizing the hell out of them.
  • That time Aaron, Lanky, and I day-tripped to Missoula to get piercings and ended up not only getting piercings but also getting three packs of “adult” word fridge magnets to have fun with.
  • Algernon (the mouse) and his incredibly large and invasive family.
  • That time I had to take out one of Aaron’s infected piercings with a needle-nose plier.
  • The time that Michael left the rotting bag of potatoes in the laundry room closet and we had HUNDREDS of flies in the house. It was gross as all hell.
  • All those damn YouTube videos we constantly quoted (Halifax, PowerThirst I and II, the Cooking by the Book remix, The Ding Dong Song, Ebeeto’s Might & Magic reviews, etc.).
  • Noodle Fridays and spending approximately $35 per visit at the Dollar Store.
  • Setting stuff on fire in the kitchen (both on purpose and accidentally).
  • That pair of fake boobs that each one of us, at one point, wore.
  • Pogo-sticking around the living room.
  • Pogo-sticking up and down the street.
  • Running around in the rain/thunder/lightning.
  • Breaking every last one of Michael’s chairs (by accident, I swear).
  • The Orgy Couch.
  • Nerdy conversations with Lanky.
  • The 60+ pizza boxes that we’d let pile up in the kitchen.
  • Us making terribly suggestive phrases/poems on the fridge thanks to my set of magnetic words + the dirty ones we bought in Missoula.
  • The Quote Book.
  • Hookahs on the porch in the summer (no hookah for me, though; I tried it once and it hurt my throat).
  • The upstairs neighbors who were constantly loud but said enough stupid things that we mocked them incessantly and did so loud enough so that they could hear us.
  • Those dollar store tiki torch things that are STILL IN THAT DAMN YARD.

Super fun. I miss those guys so much.

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