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A Decade

Ten years ago today, I graduated with my B.S. in psych. That was my first degree. It took five semesters and a whole lot of work, but I did end up graduating with a cumulative 4.0 GPA, so that’s kinda cool.

And while that degree on its own was pretty useless, it did get me on the road to the point I’m at now, so I can’t say that it was useless in the grand scheme of things.


What were you doing ten years ago today?

Ye Olde Arte

I’m bored. Have some garbage art from my past, because why not.


So 2016 is just all about the milestones. Today, for example, marks exactly 10 years since I graduated high school. I’m not going to do a “here’s all the stuff that’s happened in the past decade” ‘cause I already did that for my decade blog anniversary (see this post), but it’s still a big deal in my opinion.

Ten years is a long time. A lot has changed, and most of it in ways I would have never expected. I certainly could have never predicted that at 28 I’d be living in Calgary, working on my second graduate degree, and engaged to be married.

I also wonder, every once and awhile, how all of these dorks are doing. I never talk to anyone from high school anymore.

Is your life something you would have never expected 10 years ago?

Reunited (would it feel so good?)

Lawl. My 2006 high school graduating class is planning a 10-year reunion. I have basically zero interest in seeing any of those people again (except maybe my little gaggle of weirdo friends; those guys were great), but it would be interesting to see where everyone is in their lives 10 years after high school. Are they where they thought they’d be? I know I’m sure as hell not.

If this was going on when I was “scheduled” to be in Moscow (early May…hopefully), I might go, but it’s in the middle of July and I don’t really have much of an urge to fly all the way to Moscow to see people I hardly remember and hardly cared about.

The only reason I’d like to go is to see the old gang of friends. I still care about them. I have a good picture of us all outside the Palouse mall taken sometime in our senior year (or maybe even that summer after); it’d be pretty cool if we could re-do that photo ten years later, eh?



Do you sometimes really miss parts of your past for no real reason? Not, like, particular events or days or anything like that, but routines or schedules that you remember you used to have at various points in life that you don’t have anymore.

I miss my past sometimes.

I don’t know why I felt like saying that. It’s not like my present is bad or anything—it’s the opposite, in fact!—but I just every once and awhile really, really miss the way things used to be.

Yeah. Sorry. Don’t have much to say today.


Man, I just spent about an hour reading all my old emails between my UBC supervisor and myself.

I just logged on to that email to get info about an old account, why the hell did I decide reading all that crap was a good idea? I feel physically sick now.

Seriously. If I were to ever rank all the relationships I’ve ever had on a scale from “unhealthiest” to “healthiest,” that one would probably be the low point on the “unhealthiest” side.

That was not a fun time.

BRB, gonna throw up.

A POST TO END ALL POSTS (not really.)

Here are some bullet points that apply to my life right now:

  • I live in Calgary
  • I’ve been keeping a daily record of my life for the past 8.75 years
  • I have a math degree
  • I have someone wonderful to love (and who loves me back)
  • I’m still in school
  • I am in a graduate program for statistics
  • I like teaching (statistics)
  • I like walking for exercise/pleasure

Ten years ago, I was in the midst of my junior year of high school. If you had told me even one of these bullet points was going to apply to me in ten years, I would never have believed you. If you had told me all of them were going to apply to me at the same time, I probably would have just laughed at you. But here I am, ten years later, and they all apply.

Hell, if you would have told me any portion of these points even five years ago, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

Life is weird.

Exactly six years ago…

…was the very first day of college for myself and at least two of my readers.

Exactly six years ago we became official college students, taking our very first classes and having our very first college-level grade-related panic attacks.

(Maybe that last part was just me)

It’s crazy what six years can do, eh? We’re all in very separate places but still in the same town.

I often think the same things of my high school friends as well. I wonder about the different paths we’ve all taken to get us to where we are now.

Life is a weird, weird thing.

Six years ago, I didn’t even want to go to college. I thought it was the next unavoidable step in life, so I just went. I wanted nothing to do with math/stats/anything quantitative and was a psychology/music/theatre triple major (hahahaha).

Now I’m teaching a freaking statistics class.

What about the rest of you guys? How much has changed for you in the last six years? What’s stayed the same?

The Jessica Saga

[Blogger’s note: this one got lost somehow and never got posted when it was originally supposed to!]

For whatever the hell reason, tonight I decided it would be a good idea to go back and look at my old MSN Messenger chat logs from a few years ago. The ones I spent most of my time reading were the ones between Jessica (Rob’s ex (maybe?????) girlfriend at the time) and myself. Most of these were during the time between my first date with Rob and my second date with Rob.

And you know what I’ve learned from re-reading these? Three main things:

  1. Good lord, that girl needed therapy.
  2. I used to be Captain Pushover.
  3. Present Day Claudia would not have put up with this garbage for nearly as long.

That last point makes me feel really good, actually. I mean, look at some of this vitriolic nonsense. I’m glad I wouldn’t stand for this crap anymore. Jessica’s in blue; I’m in red.

I’m not trying to make you feel bad… just I think I’m going to wind up loosing him to you

But why do you want to have a relationship with him???

I wish things weren’t like this
Same here
then how do you wish they were?
Easier, I don’t know
easier on who or for who??? HUH?

It almost sounds like he wants you to have a relationship with him how you’re saying it
Well, he does, I think…
He asked me on the date, after all, and he asked me on another afterwards…
Did he not tell you any of this?
I already know about the date on Friday
Just go do what you want
So had you guys really not discussed this, is that why you both went off for about an hour?
just forget it go do what you want
Well…I still feel very bad…
Forget it I give up I’m leaving you alone go on with your god damn life!

WHat the hell are you telling rob now?
MOre shit to make him mad?

I hate talking about you and ROb….
Well, then we don’t have to talk about it
It’s what’s bothering me most right now anyway

oh and I really don’t think highly of you
but you shouldn’t care what I think got it?

What are you up to other than talking to Rob?
Not too much
What about you?
Being a mess
Anything I can do?
Stop asking
I’d get Rob pissed at me
YOu know that
Then I’ll stop asking
Cause my answer would be is don’t fall in love with Rob
got it chickie?

I just don’t like how often you and Rob are having dates
Well, the one on Friday will only be our second

SIck of me huh?
I wonder who you’re hiding from… you okay kid?
This is all I”m going to say
I hate that you like him that he likes you and that you two want to have a relationship
Why do you like Rob?
I won’t bite I’m sorry
But do you really know how much of an asshole he is ?

YOu also made out with him how about that? Was that his choice too?
A guy probably isn’t going to say no to an idea like that…
He initiated it
Or rather, it was kind of a mutual initiation
YOu two live in a fucked up little world

I fucking hate you
He’s got problems he won’t deal with he’s scared of trying….
He won’t talk to me anymore
YOu ruined fucking Pi day
You ruined it!
I’m sorry
But it was his decision to tell you everything that night, I said nothing about anything regarding that
YOu didn’t cause that fucking decision?
I didn’t tell him to say anything, if that’s what you mean
What did you say to him?
I didn’t say anything
He told me he was going to do it, and he did it
But you made him break a promise
What promise?
When he’d be back
I asked him if he needed to get back, and he said no
No no let’s go get food let’s go make out…
you’re toying with his feelings

I really hate you
I hope your relationship goes to hell I really do

You make me feel very depressed

That whole Rob relationship was toxic. Every bit of it. Ick.

Isn’t it crazy…

How certain images of where we’ve been just appear super vividly in our heads every once in a while?

Walking down East Hastings in Vancouver

The highway out to Coquitlam.

Granville St. bridge

My old apartment complex

Fraser St. heading down to the Canadian Superstore

More Pictures

I found some more pics while I was packing this afternoon. Therefore I shall share them.

This is me with my cat Wooder.


This is an older me with an older Wooder. Note the drawing on the wall. My mom let me draw and write all over the walls in my room when we lived in Troy. How awesome is that?


This is my dad with Wooder. I don’t know if I was alive yet.


Me with Brutus (the black one) and Lena, siblings from a litter from my mom’s older cat, Gracie. Haha, I have so much paint on my pants. And the cats are like let me go, weirdo.


I was a cat lady from birth.