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Nostalgia Trip 2019

It was like 400 degrees in Moscow today (slight exaggeration), so I decided to walk around the city instead of go on the Moscow/Pullman trail (since there’s no shade and no water and a lot of heat and sun out there).

[Side note: it is quite difficult to walk 15 miles in Moscow. I did have to go on the trail for about three miles because I ran out of places to walk in the city. I could have stayed within city limits, yes, but it would have involved a lot more looping.]

After I’d wandered around the east side of town for a bit (why the hell is Mountain View still lacking a sidewalk that goes all the way from the highway to the pool? MADNESS), I decided to walk through campus. I haven’t walked through campus in quite a while, since any time I walk in Moscow, it’s either on the trail or in the UI rec center (which is still the best rec center at any university, fight me).

I was getting a nice, warm nostalgia bath as I wandered around amongst the buildings I’d spent so much time around/in. But then I went into the Ag Sci building and was hit with the mother of all nostalgia waves.

Lemme ‘splain. Both of my parents worked in the Ag Sci building for the majority of my life. When I was in elementary school and we had a day off for religious reasons or what have you, my mom would bring me into campus and I’d hang out in Ag Sci. I think I sat in on my dad’s classes a few times, too (just coloring in the back of the room, haha).

Once I started going to school at UI, my dorm was literally across the street from the Ag Sci building, so I’d always go visit my parents (particularly my mom) when I was done with classes and headed back to the dorm. I also used the Ag Sci computer lab all the time before they finally shut it down. Heck, I taught statistics in that big auditorium room (the same one my dad always taught in).

In short: I spent a lot of time in that building.

So walking through it today for the first time in quite a while (at least three years, maybe longer) was a super nostalgia trip.  Even just walking down a flight of stairs – holy crap.

Sorry, this blog has absolutely no purpose. I just wanted to mention the nostalgia. I know nobody cares.

Nostalgia Party Throwback 2K17

So I still feel like about 27 different layers of garbage, so I’m going to post stuff that reminds me of random nonsense from ye random olden days.

  • I played a lot of this. I still suck at basic math.
  • This one, too.
  • This song and music video will always remind me of 10th grade, since we’d always turn on MTV during Sports Med (yes, I took Sports Med. I have no idea why) and this was a popular vid back then.
  • This show was always on late at night when I was a kid and spent Friday and Saturday night at my dad’s condo. Does anyone else remember this?
  • Space Ghost: Coast to Coast was always a late night thing, too. I did not understand that show as a kid.
  • Oh, Cartoon Network. I miss the way you used to be.


Do you sometimes really miss parts of your past for no real reason? Not, like, particular events or days or anything like that, but routines or schedules that you remember you used to have at various points in life that you don’t have anymore.

I miss my past sometimes.

I don’t know why I felt like saying that. It’s not like my present is bad or anything—it’s the opposite, in fact!—but I just every once and awhile really, really miss the way things used to be.

Yeah. Sorry. Don’t have much to say today.

Brain Spaz

GOD these last two weeks have been like one long nostalgia trip. My brain is very, very confused.

As a somewhat related component, this SMBC comic speaks to me in particular, ‘cause this is kind of how I see things. And it’s kind of what I’m doing with going back to school.

Another life.