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L’eggo my…Legos?

I’m like 99% sure I haven’t posted a link to this on my blog, but WHO KNOWS, RIGHT?

I found The Brick Testament like 10 years ago…can’t remember how…but it’s still online and still awesome! I wish I had this many Legos, man.

The story of Caine and Abel is particularly well done, haha.


Wacky Peter

Throughout my childhood (and early adulthood), I was really into movie-making. I would find something that could be filmed for multiple episodes and then make a series out of it.

The most recent example, in 2006, was a series called “Wacky Peter.” It followed the adventures of one of my Lego men (Wacky Peter, obviously) and all his usually fatal adventures.

I spent hours making these videos over the summer. I hung out in the playhouse in our backyard (which was my bedroom back then) and would make recordings all day.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because I was digging through all my old VHS tapes and found the Wacky Peter ones.

Here are some of the episode titles:

a b c d e f g h i j k

Waiter! There’s a dead and alive cat in my box!

HOLY CRAP, so I was screwing around on StumbleUpon this afternoon and I came across some random page of NASA’s. Multiple clicks later and I came to this.

I had totally forgotten that we’d attempted to do this in fifth grade. I say “attempted” because at 4 days prior to the competition we realized that we were short a motor (we foolish children and our lack of inventory-taking skills!) and thus were forced to withdraw. No, I don’t know how exactly we had the majority of our rover finished before we realized “hey, we kinda need a third motor,” but we did. Probably because one of our members had to quit because he failed like 5 reading quizzes in a row and he was the one in charge of our Lego kit. We would have won, too, ‘cause my transmission was killer and Daniel built an exceptionally awesome rock scooper (that’s a highly technical NASA term).

So yeah. Nostalgia.
I also found a random flash drive this afternoon that had this previously un-blogged-about album cover contained on it:

Also, I need to get super hyper again in time for my calc final. I don’t remember a single damn thing I wrote on my test on Monday, but I did pretty well.

So there.


Today’s song: Hemvägen (Live Nyhetsmorgon 2007) by Detektivbyrån


First Lego production


Today, after spending 7 hours in my room, I finished the Lego version of “Ocean’s Eleven”! It’s not too bad–I was able to get most of the content of the movie condensed into about 7 minutes of Lego action!

You may praise me now.

Legos are here!

Holy crap…I got all these new Lego people today and they were so cool I almost had a seizure.

The colors…the props…the hair (especially the female hair)!

Movies shall begin soon!

Decisions have been made!


Today, I ordered a bunch of Lego people who should be arriving next Wednesday. I have also made my decisions for the books I will interpret through Lego movies:
~1984 by George Orwell
~20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
~The Crucible by Arthur Miller
~Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton
~Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
~The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
~Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
~A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams
~War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

Yes, I’m going to torture myself by having to go through that damn book War and Peace again. Of course, I’m not going to read it again–my good friends at SparkNotes.com will help . Plus, I’m only doing books I’ve read, so I have a fairly good grasp on all of them already.

In addition to the books, I have decided to interpret a few classic movies as well. My choices so far:
~”Citizen Kane”
~”Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”
~”Ocean’s Eleven”


Hooray! Any suggestions? Sorry, E’raina, but “Team America” is too difficult. The choreography is just…it’s too difficult.

In gear for a nerdy summer!

Hehe. So last winter I created a very abridged version of Hamlet using Legos (it was about 5 minutes long).
So, to follow this trend, I am setting a goal: this summer, I shall create abridged versions of several classic pieces of literature using only Legos, a camcorder, and some creative license.

I will now be taking suggestions.

If any of the books you suggest end up winning me an Oscar, I’ll thank you in my speech.