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Weezer, what the HELL IS THIS??

I love this, holy freaking crap. That chorus is catchy as hell.

Van Weezer – which I’m assuming will contain songs with this type of sound – comes out on May 7th. Contrast this sound with the sound of the OK Human album they just released at the beginning of the year:

I like when bands experiment with different sounds like this. Coldplay has gotten a lot of crap for this kind of thing, but people need to lay off because Coldplay is untouchable goodness allowed to experiment just like everyone else.

I don’t have anything else to say today, haha. I just wanted to make you aware of this fantastic song in case you hadn’t heard it.


I’m a mild fan of Weezer. I like them but I’m not like OMFG WEEZER like I am with Coldplay or Muse (but mostly just Coldplay). So when I saw that they had a new album, OK Computer, on iTunes, I was like, “okay, cool, let’s check it out and see if there are any good songs.”

There are a LOT of good songs.

Apparently Weezer decided that strings were a good addition to their sound and holy hell, what a good decision. There’s so much cello on this album. Here are some favorites:

The strings in this are sooooooo goooooood yooooooo. That low note at the start gives me feels.

More strings! Also, super sing-able chorus.

This is one of the most “Weezer” songs they’ve ever made. 2020 hipster vibes.

Another one with a very sing-able chorus.

Weezer, I am not disappoint anymore

A while back I wrote a blog about Weezer’s new cover of Toto’s Africa. My main complaint was about just how bland the cover was. They didn’t seem to put their own flair into it; it sounded almost identical to the original. In my opinion, half the reason for a band to do a cover is to put their own flair on a song.

So when I saw today that Weezer had released their Teal Album, an album of cover songs, I wasn’t really too hyped.

But I listened to their cover of A-ha’s Take On Me, and they do a much better job of giving it the Weezer flair than they did with Africa. It still sounds a lot like the original, but you can definitely tell it’s a different band covering the song.

A lot of the other covers aren’t too bad, but this was my favorite.

So yeah.

Weezer, I am Disappoint

There’s nothing wrong with this song, but as a cover, it’s…kinda boring.

And I like Weezer. I like a lot of their songs (favorites include Beverly Hills, Feels Like Summer, Pork and Beans, and Say It Ain’t So). But this just feels so bland. I get that they probably wanted to stay close to the feel of the original because people would likely freak out if Toto was tampered with, but I think you could still get the same vibe across while still making the song different rather than basically just copying everything.

Just my two cents, ’cause what do I know?