I’m putting this on here ‘cause I don’t have any Tumblr friends and I feel like doing an AH survey/questionnaire tonight. So there.

1. How did you get into Achievement Hunter?
Tumblr! Way back in the early summer of 2012, I happened upon Michael’s Rage Quit for the Impossible Game, level 2. I had no idea what Achievement Hunter and/or Roosterteeth was until I eventually clicked on one of their Worms let’s plays and heard the other guys. It went from there, haha.

2. Member you think you are most like?
I think I’m a weird combination of Ryan and Michael.

3. Member you think you would get along with best?
Probably Ryan. I think we’d appreciate each other’s jokes.

4. Favorite member overall and why?
Ray! I first heard him in a Worms let’s play and really liked his voice, then I started really liking his humor. The dumb little jokes he mutters under his breath are great.

5. If you have met any of them, talk about the experience. If not, who do you most want to meet?
I haven’t met any of them! I’d love to go to RTX and meet at least one of them in person (they’re all awesome, so I’d be super happy meeting any of them), but that probably won’t ever happen, sadly. Why does Texas have to be so far away?

6. Favorite Team? (Lads, Gents, Nice Dynamite, etc.)
Either the R&R Connection or X-Ray and Vav.

7. Favorite Lets Play?
That’s a hard question. WWE2K14 is pretty amazing.

8. Favorite game to watch them play in general?
Any of the game shows.

9. Game you wish they would play but they haven’t?
I’d like to see them play Castle Crashers. I know Michael and Lindsay have played it, but I think it would be super chaotic/fun with four of them at once.

10. Favorite moment or quote?
It’s two moments, but I’m counting them as one! I love in Clouds when Gavin messes with Ray but then karma gets him back at the end.

11. Favorite catchphrase? (MARK NUTT!, ITS MOGAR BITCHES, I mean YOLO right? ect.)
I have “Mark Nutt!” as my text tone, so I’ll go with that one.

12. Have you started using any of their sayings in everyday life?
I say “_______ as dicks” (dark as dicks, cold as dicks, etc.) in my head all the time, thanks to Geoff.

13. Favorite Achievement City structure?
I love Geoff’s house just because it’s so ridiculously big compared to the other’s houses.

14. Favorite Geoff moment?

15. Favorite Jack moment?
Either when he completely loses it after Gavin grenades himself to death, or when Beardo the Magnificent prances out in WWE ’13.

16. Favorite Gavin moment?
His wrestler in WWE ’13. Oh my god.

17. Favorite Michael moment?
I have a lot of favorite Michael moments. Probably the best, though, is when he just goes off on Luca in No Luca No. “Faaaiiiiyyysh” is good, too.

18. Favorite Ray moment?
I have a LOT of favorite Ray moments! I’m not sure I can pick just one, so I’ll link to this with a special mention for “WOW, NUMBER SEVEN! WAY TO GO, CHAMP!” at 3:57.

19. Favorite Ryan moment?
The “cumulonimbus bullshit” in Clouds.

20. Best way Achievement Hunter has changed your life?
They’ve given me something I can consistently laugh at. I remember during spring semester 2013, when everything was a crapfest and I was so done with everything school-related, I could always go home and watch AH and be cheered up. I don’t think there’s been a day where they haven’t been able to cheer me up at least a little bit.

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