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Hello, fellow humans!

Have some Tumblr crap, ‘cause I’m like in the weeks between “school panic” and “relaxing with my mom” right now, so not much is going on.

Except “I’m in the weeks between “school panic” and “relaxing with my mom” right now” panic.


Chrome extensions for disabilities

Freaking Idaho.


Oh, Gavin.

I miss Ray!



Good lord. This company.

Oh, also! The mystery of us all being dropped from Dr. Chen’s class? Solved. Apparently, the lab component of the class was something Dr. Chen didn’t want, so he had it removed from the system. Unfortunately, doing so also removed the entire class, so we’d all been dropped because the class no longer existed. Luckily, all we had to do was re-register.

So yeah. I’m sure you were all just dying of anticipation for the conclusion of that little mystery.


For those of you who play Minecraft on the PC: “mark nutt” is one of the best seeds I’ve found as far as super-diverse and dramatic worlds go. Check it:

dd rrr www

I built my house around a lavafall.

sss sfsfs sdfsdfsdf

Also, now I have to go watch the Mark Nutt compilation again.

The King of Archery

Well I did absolutely NOTHING productive today.

Unless you consider watching nearly every Achievement Hunter video on YouTube as productive. I am now well versed in Rage Quit-style cursing and have been converted to the “Gavin is hilarious and should be worshiped” camp.


Rooster Teeth does it again

I haven’t laughed this hard in forever, holy freaking crapspackle.

I love how Michael is just horrified as Gavin’s gleefully botching attempt after attempt.

“We’ve lost everything. We’ve lost everything.”

Watch until the end, it’s so worth it.

Oh man.

How did I live without YouTube?

It might just be the sleep deprivation, but both of these are just hilarious. Again, if excessive (yet hilarious) angry cursing offends you, do not watch.