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Haha, oh, Sound Cloud.

Do you remember this? DO YOU REMEMBER THE NIGHTMARES?!

I saw this video quite a few years ago and now this song always reminds me of Vancouver:

Another awesome Rage Quit I don’t think I’ve ever posted on here.


Oh holy freaking CRAP

This blog features Justin Bieber. Why? Because as one commenter said, “[I] didn’t know it was possible to make Justin Bieber sound like Sigur Ros.”

This is honestly one of the best ambient Enya-esque songs I’ve ever heard, and the fact that it has been created by super-slowing a teenage pop-star’s voice is pretty damn fantastic. I laughed for like the first five minutes of this, but then I was drawn in.

Just listen to it. Go on, do it. Are you freaking out yet? Is your mind on a LETHARGIC BIEBER DRUG TRIP?!

Me too.

I may have to download this.

Today’s song: Kites by Geographer (another eargasmic song)