*quietly from corner of room* Noooooo…

So last night I hinted at possible exciting news, right? Well, today I’ve got some bad news (though it’s much less personal than the possible exciting news).

Ray is leaving Achievement Hunter.

Okay, I guess it’s not bad bad; he’s not being fired or anything like that and he’s not disappearing on us. He’ll be doing live streams on Twitch and will be coming back to work on X-Ray and Vav and other AH stuff every once and awhile. He just said that he wants to do streaming full-time and he’s not able to do that while working at AH/RT.

But it still makes me sad! Ray’s definitely my favorite of the group and has been since almost the very beginning (Michael was my first favorite, because he was the one that got me into AH). However, I might have to take a short little break from AH for awhile after he leaves this Friday, just because it’ll be sad to watch them and not see/hear Ray. But I know I’ll be back watching again at some point because I can’t stay away from those dorks.. And I’ll have to watch Ray on Twitch as well. You should, too!

What sayest thou? Speak!

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