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I miss Michael

More Rage Quit. Sorry, I’m still super burnt out and this is all I’ve got right now bye.

“How many fuckin’ dogs ya got?”

Rage Quit!

Haven’t watched one of Michael’s new Rage Quits in a while. This one was pretty great.

Rage Quit

So thanks to Nate listening to the playlist of Michael’s Rage Quit on YouTube, I’ve been listening to my favorite old Rage Quits all day at school. So I’ll put them all here, ‘cause even though I’ve mentioned most (all?) of these in my blog at some point, it’s nice to have everything together. And I haven’t mentioned any Rage Quits in a while.

These are vaguely ranked.

Cat Mario

Nyan Cat Adventure

No Luca No

Christmas Carnage

The Impossible Game Level Pack: Level 2

Virtua Tennis 3

Rock Star Table Tennis

The Impossible Game Level Pack: Level 3

Realistic Summer Sports Simulator

QWOP: Michael vs. Gavin

Greg Hastings Paintball 2


Sonic the Hedgehog

Unicorn Makeout Mania



Haha, oh, Sound Cloud.

Do you remember this? DO YOU REMEMBER THE NIGHTMARES?!

I saw this video quite a few years ago and now this song always reminds me of Vancouver:

Another awesome Rage Quit I don’t think I’ve ever posted on here.


I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time

More Achievement Hunter today. Sorry. Pretty much every video they’ve put out this past week has been hysterical, and this is absolutely no exception:

The game itself is absurd, and having the AH guys play it brings it to a whole new level of WTF-ness.

Also, have some Rage Quit. This one’s growing on me:

As always, if excessive cursing (and/or freakish aliens wrestling) offends you, do not watch!



Everyone’s cranky today.

I think Christmas Carnage is probably one of the most underrated Rage Quits Michael’s done.


I’ve got my last two finals of the year tomorrow: calc II at 7 AM and then computer science at 7 PM. I honestly don’t know which one I’m more worried about. If this semester screws over my GPA I’m going to be pissed. I already screwed it over with Linear Algebra in 2009, though, so I don’t know what I’m complaining about.

Juuuuuuuuuuuust complaining.


Dr. Jones and Dr. Free are BACK IN BUSINESS

30 minutes of top-notch surgery. I love Michael and Gavin so much.

And here’s all of the AH boys playing WWE ’13, because oh my god.

Achievement Hunter!

If you’re ever feeling down, just watch some Achievement Hunter. Seriously.

Rage Quit is always good, of course, but some of the Let’s Plays are just hilarious.

Worms. Farm Simulator 2013. Moonbase Alpha.

I just started watching their Minecraft Let’s Plays from the beginning. The third one, oh my god. It reminds me so much of gaming with the guys in the house.




You get this and only this today, because if I try to talk about anything of substance I’m going to have a panic attack.

You know it’s pretty bad when Michael’s screaming is actually calming. I think next time I’m correcting tests I’m going to write “YA DONE GOOFED, SON!” for every wrong problem.

Rooster Teeth does it again

I haven’t laughed this hard in forever, holy freaking crapspackle.

I love how Michael is just horrified as Gavin’s gleefully botching attempt after attempt.

“We’ve lost everything. We’ve lost everything.”

Watch until the end, it’s so worth it.

Oh man.

Noise from the ‘Net

I’m getting all my YouTubin’ out now because once classes start I won’t have time to do much else but study/work/revel in joy.*

Oh man. I’ve seen this before like AGES ago, but holy freaking crap.
Large Macs.
BONBONBONBONS. The way he says it. I’m on the floor, oh my god.

Dude. This song and video.

It’s Rage Quit, so excessive cursing warning and all that. And it’s Nyan Cat, so excessive seizure-inducing flashing warning and all that as well.

I’m just gonna put this here. It’s actually a really catchy song; I listened to it on repeat for like two hours the other day.


*Who am I kidding, nothing can keep me off of the Tubes. Damn you, Al Gore. Damn you.

How did I live without YouTube?

It might just be the sleep deprivation, but both of these are just hilarious. Again, if excessive (yet hilarious) angry cursing offends you, do not watch.


My milkshake brought all the boys to the yard. Now what?

I have nothing interesting to blog about today (but what else is new)? Therefore, you get random Claudia thoughts.

  • Where do paranoid people go to recover after a severe illness? Somehow a place called the “ICU” doesn’t seem appropriate…
  • I had an almost irresistible urge to play with a Lite Brite this morning. Are those even sold anymore? Do the toy regulators think the little pegs are a too-risky choking hazard to even be on the market?
  • Speaking of super risky toys, that reminds me of Creepy Crawlers! Back when my grandma and grandpa lived in St. Louis and my mom and I went to visit, we played with this so much. Basically, the toy consisted of a bunch of different metal molds of bugs, a hot-plate type thingy, tongs, and Plasti-Goop. You’d squeeze the different colors of Goop into the molds, put the molds on the hot plate (or in the hot plate oven…I actually can’t remember), wait for the Goop to form in the mold, then dunk the burning hot molds in water before pulling out your now perfectly formed plastic bugs out with the tongs. Between the red hot molds, the hot plate, the undoubtedly toxic Goop, and the fact that said Goop probably looked like appetizing little snacks to many children, this was like eighty safety hazards at once. But that’s what makes it awesome. Anyway.
  • Where the hell has the first seven months of the year gone?
  • We use “iff” for “if and only if,” right? Well, why don’t we carry that over for writing the inclusive versus exclusive “or”? Why not use “or” when stating that you can have either option or BOTH options (e.g., “I can listen to music or I can paint my room”—there is no indication that I can’t do both) and then use “orr” when referring to the exclusive or (e.g., “You can get the soup or salad at a restaurant”—usually, they won’t let you have both). It looks a lot better than XOR/EOR/EXOR, etc. Just a thought.
  • Tumblr has taken over my soul.
  • I’ve watched so much Rage Quit these past few days that like 60% of my inner dialogue is Michael comments.
  • Speaking of Rage Quit, here’s another one for you all. Because 3:48 had me laughing like crazy. And because of the Fallout reference. As always, if excessive cursing offends you, don’t watch.

Edit: courtesy of letsplaygifs:


(Edit: haha, sorry guys, here’s another one that slipped through the radar during one of my mass postings.)

Oh man. This guy reminds me so much of Ebeeto (Yogi Bear, anyone?). So again, if excessive curing offends you, don’t watch.

Is it sad that my internal dialogue is practically just like this?