Um…can we call this the October List?

Did you know Bill Pullman has anosmia? I didn’t!


I have nothing interesting to say (do I ever?) so this post is going to be just a bunch of random crapola.

  • Here’s an awesome list of some of the vault backstories in Fallout 3. Vault 106 legit creeped me out when I went in there the first time.
  • I was going through the old photos on my camera and I found this picture of a pinecone smoking a cigarette.


Bad pinecone!

  • The news is so snarky here. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was not planning on attending that Climate Change Summit held a week or so ago. A day or so after I was watching the news and the little ticker said something like, “President Obama spoke at the Climate Change Summit for all concerned Americans…and apparently had to for all concerned Canadians as well.” Also, this:


  • I’m watching Spaceballs. Because Spaceballs.
  • A handy-dandy Wiki guide of Greek letters used in math, science, and engineering.
  • I don’t know if I’ve ever posted this on here, but it’s definitely my favorite little clip of the AH boys “working.”


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