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I saved* a worm on the sidewalk today.

It was super dried out and moving just enough that I thought it could recover if it was moved to some moist soil, so I picked him up and put him in the cool, shaded soil under a bush near the sidewalk.

Why does this matter?

Back when I was a kid (early elementary school) I was known as the “worm saver” because I would always use my recess time following a rainstorm to go around and make sure the worms out on the sidewalk weren’t going to get stepped on/drowned in a puddle/dried out once it got sunny and hot again. One of my teachers even gave me a necklace with a little pendant of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, because of how often I was out trying to make sure the worms would be safe.

Anyway. It’s been a while since I saved a worm, and doing so today kinda brought me back to elementary school.

*Not sure if I actually saved him. Certainly made it a lot less likely he’d get stepped on, at least.

Achievement Hunter!

If you’re ever feeling down, just watch some Achievement Hunter. Seriously.

Rage Quit is always good, of course, but some of the Let’s Plays are just hilarious.

Worms. Farm Simulator 2013. Moonbase Alpha.

I just started watching their Minecraft Let’s Plays from the beginning. The third one, oh my god. It reminds me so much of gaming with the guys in the house.