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This randomly popped into my head while I was teaching this morning and it was all I could do to keep from laughing while lecturing.

Freaking internet.

This man is an angry goose in disguise

I feel like twenty poops, so here’s a kopke613 Vine compilations to make everyone (including myself) feel better.


I am sleep deprived and this is hysterical

The sleep deprivation and the hilarity of this Vine may or may not be related.

There have been a lot of these kinds of posts lately, sorry.


I’ve been laughing at this damn Vine for the past 15 minutes.

I have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy and I’m not sorry.

Vine Compilation!1!1!1!!!!!


So watching Vine compilations has been a big thing for me over the past few months, ‘cause I miss Vine and there are a lot of compilations on YouTube.

But I’ve never seen a compilation that had all my favorites and none of the ones I didn’t find funny, so I made my own.

Because that’s what I do instead of working sometimes.


[Edit: I made a new one that has more favorites, so that’s what I’m linking to here]


Di-Vine Punishment

Man, I don’t know if it’s because I’m beyond sleep deprived right now or what, but this is a damn fine set of Vines.

Why did they take Vine away from us?


Friends don’t let friends have friends

Oh my god.

I have no idea why this is so hysterical to me, but it is. I’ve been laughing for like 20 minutes.

Twitter, you goon.

Why’d you have to go and murder Vine, Twitter?


Screw you.

Have some Vines.




(I laughed for like 20 minutes at this one)


Hello, fellow humans!

Have some Tumblr crap, ‘cause I’m like in the weeks between “school panic” and “relaxing with my mom” right now, so not much is going on.

Except “I’m in the weeks between “school panic” and “relaxing with my mom” right now” panic.


Chrome extensions for disabilities

Freaking Idaho.


Oh, Gavin.

I miss Ray!


Vine Dump

I’m sorry, I love Vine. Take my hatred for Twitter and translate it into love. That’s how much I love Vine.

So have some Vines.


Edit: here are some more!

Vines (Part II)

In the same spirit as yesterday’s post, have some of my other favorite Vine poster (Viner? Is that a thing?), Zachary Piona. He’s the dancing guy in this Uptown Funk video.

His facial expressions and voices are great.

“100% Attendance Kids” (this is me, haha)

“Me In Jail”

“Stay at Home Mom is a Secret Drug Addict”

Sad Music

Hard Rock

Cops and Robbers


Back Seat

Vines (Part I)

I know I’ve posted some of this guy’s Vines on here before, but I think he’s hysterical, so have some more (and those ones I’ve posted before).

“Canadian Scenery”

“Canadian Highway”|

“Traffic Management”

“One with Nature”

“wen u envented a nu furit an u turnt AF” (the sunglasses at the end are the best)

“Nature w/ TRAM”

“Serious Question Tho”

Tim Hortons® Always Fresh|

Duck Army

(note: all YouTube versions because they’re easier to embed)

Alright, so here’s another example of why I love the internet. Some guy uploads this Vine, right?

(Actually I think it was uploaded somewhere else first, but the Vine is what made it popular.)

You can always trust the internet to take things to the next step.

That last one is the best.

Vine Party

This guy’s Vines are great. I posted the Tim Hortons one awhile back, but there are others that are pretty fantastic, too. (Yes, I watch Vines, SHUT UP.)

Not Even Close
End of Story
wen u envented a nu furit an u turnt AF
Canadian Knock-Knock Joke
Nature w/ TRAM (this is my favorite)
Serious Question Tho

*noises of relief*

Hokay. Back in Canada. Everything went smoothly and the remainder of the weekend was grand.

Totally unrelated: I’ve been super motivated to work on Arborhood now that I’ve actually gone back and done a quick re-read of things. I don’t write things in chronological order, especially with NaNoWriMo—whatever I feel like writing on a particular day, I write just below what I’d written the day before—so my first task is to actually organize everything into a somewhat chronological flow. Then I can start writing/rewriting.

But I do like the story. I like my tree characters. I like that it’s vastly better than my two previous NaNos, The President’s Barber and Whistler’s Father. Those were god awful.

Anyway. SCHOOL TOMORROW! *cue flailing*

Edit: And this. This is great.

Claudia’s Miscellaneous Blog of Blogging and Miscellany (mostly internet stuff)

Hello reader(s)!

I was on campus from 7 until about 5:45 today, so all I wanted to do was screw around on the internet tonight. Hence, you get yet another craptastic blog! I doubt you’re surprised. BUT…I’ll change it up a bit and give it to you in numbered parts, how about that?

PART ONE: Vines!


The last time I played GeoGuessr (a looong time ago), they just had the world map and I could guess with moderate accuracy.
But now they’ve got a United States map (among other specific maps) and I’m MUCH better at that.


I totally forgot to post Irrational Exuberance that day I posted all those early-2000’s videos.


Massive crab. Massive damage. (Sean showed me this like six years ago and for whatever reason it was brought to my mind again today)

PART FIVE: FartParty McGee
I REALLY want to draw, but I can’t think of a good enough idea.


Do my crappy posts get you down? Don’t despair! I have a “serious” post I’m working on that I’ll probably post soon. Lucky you!