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Dear Vancouver: 90 degrees? Really?

Edit: YES I KNOW I should be using Celsius, but screw that. I wanted that unambiguous “this weather blows” feeling from the title, not “what’s that in Fahrenheit again?”

I like the heat. I really do. But when I automatically get +50 humidity damage when I walk out the front door, things get bad pretty quickly. I’m glad I made up Friday’s not going to the rec center yesterday instead of today, ‘cause I’m pretty sure I would have died from some sort of heat-related incident there this afternoon (I don’t think they know what fans are in Canada).

I also had the dumb idea of making bread today (dumb because of the fact that my apartment was nearly 87 degrees BEFORE I preheated the oven to 400). I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks totally good. Yayzorz.

On a totally unrelated note, it’s Clock Day today! So go to newgrounds.com and check out all the good/bad/funny/serious stuff the clocks have made for today.


Today’s song: Dancing On My Own by Robyn

You Cannot Kill Strawberry Clock

Happy Clock Day!

ALSO THIS, for anyone who’s interested.
(half year later edit: a good place to check out the basics of Kant, Matt!)

ALSO ALSO THIS: yay for seeing old roomies again.


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