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Flash Party

As long as we’re revisiting some old internet stuff (like we did with Ronald Jenkees), I should mention Tom DesLongchamp, since I don’t think I ever have on here.

I don’t remember quite how I found this guy (AlbinoBlackSheep…maybe?), but I found him back in like 2003 and loved his dorky little animations. My mom and I still quote a few of them, haha.

The above link sends you to his current page; this one sends you to his archives with all his old stuff posted.

I recommend:

But I Like It

Mentally Disturbed Hotdog

Green Thing (I love that song)

I Go (And So Does Gloppi)

Modest Mouse Music Video



I don’t care that I’m 22 years old, I think Adventure Time is genius.

Back when I was in Moscow over the summer I found this show while channel surfing through the 300+ channels my dad has. I kept watching because the art/humor style was similar to that ofTom Deslongchamp (who is super awesome), but I kept watching because it’s freaking amazing.

Why? Well for one, they did this:

(if you don’t get it, go here)


Here’s one of the episodes, ‘cause it’s just fantastic.


Yay. :D


Today’s song: Runaway by The Corrs

Paleontology? Ha! Not a chance!

I have this suspicion that my blogs have been sucky recently. Is it just me, or is it true?

Today’s full of random crap. Bear with.

~Still waiting for Voltaire pins. Excitement is building.
~I also found Candide on audiobook. Win.
~Where I wish to be employed in 10-15 years.
~My Flash god.
~How in the world did my map views on my profile jump to a staggering 1,733?
~Make me a Sartre doll and I shall give you $10.
~Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could make a Podcast of my blogs? Holy crap.
~You know what would be freaking awesome? We all dress in togas and such and go down to those big steps by the old arboretum and have a philosophy party.

Okay, enough of this. You all tell me what kinds of blogs you like, since lately I’m not sure what you all prefer. Do you like my random lists? Do you like me going over my day in an interesting fashion? Do you like my more contemplative (read: “thoughtful,” not depressing) blogs? What about the surveys, can you even stand those?


I’m making an effort to keep you people happy. Feedback! Now! *whip crack*