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RAB Returns (sorta)

RAB brothers…episode 9 is on Newgrounds now!!
(This was the one that was DVD exclusive)

Yeahyeahyeahyeah, it was uploaded in 2013, shut up. I never check Newgrounds anymore. Here:


I am Puppy. Puppy is me.

Oh yes.

My RAB intuition was telling me the next installment was due soon. Sure enough…



Oh MAN, I forgot how awesome RAB is. Top five:

Number 18
“Hey everyone, let’s do some motherfucking drugs!”
I love how he just chugs the whole box of them.
“So do we call poison control…or let him die and have a parade?”
“You’re dead to me, boy!”
The end with donkey just makes it.

Number 17
“What is that, metric?”
“Puppy cut that out!” “Sorry, it’s these fucking pants!”
Genius. The only reason this is second is because there’s no Sean Connery.

Number 11
“Hey, look! It’s Satan! Satan liked it! He liked it! Hey Satan!”
I want to be in F.U.C.K.
Also, Rammstein is a badass song.

Number 13
Love the singing at the beginning and the sound effects throughout.
Puppy’s directing is great, too.

Number 8
“I’m havin’ sex I think!”
“Now go fuck like a good Christian!”
The whole puppy/mother sequence is great.

Vibrant Motive (yet another title that has nothing to do with the blog. Shocking, eh?)

Ah, Ag Sci. I’ve spent more time with you than with any human over the past several days. I will ask for you hand in marriage…but all in good time, my dear…all in good time.

Several points of interest that may prove to be interesting!

1. holy crap—RAB 18 is hilarious. Not nearly as good as 17 (my favorite so far), but pretty damn funny. It made my day when I watched it at 7:00 this morning.
2. I didn’t get back to my room until 10 tonight, partially because of the Ag Sci escapade, and partially because of part 3.
3. Rob and I have our own secret language. It’s fun. We’re hilarious.
4. The blogs will grow more interesting as I come out of this horrible funk of homework and papers. I promise.