Oh MAN, I forgot how awesome RAB is. Top five:

Number 18
“Hey everyone, let’s do some motherfucking drugs!”
I love how he just chugs the whole box of them.
“So do we call poison control…or let him die and have a parade?”
“You’re dead to me, boy!”
The end with donkey just makes it.

Number 17
“What is that, metric?”
“Puppy cut that out!” “Sorry, it’s these fucking pants!”
Genius. The only reason this is second is because there’s no Sean Connery.

Number 11
“Hey, look! It’s Satan! Satan liked it! He liked it! Hey Satan!”
I want to be in F.U.C.K.
Also, Rammstein is a badass song.

Number 13
Love the singing at the beginning and the sound effects throughout.
Puppy’s directing is great, too.

Number 8
“I’m havin’ sex I think!”
“Now go fuck like a good Christian!”
The whole puppy/mother sequence is great.

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