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*screeches in 2003*

Pre YouTube, this kind of stuff was our online video entertainment. I know I’ve posted about this trilogy before, but I forgot just how fantastic it was and how it’s able to bring back all those good early-2000s memories.

Also, these must have taken forever to make. Especially the third one.


Doe, a drink with jam and bread…no, wait…

Every once and a while—like, say, every nine months or so, I get this song stuck in my head for like 20 hours straight:

I originally saw this on Albino Blacksheep back in the internet Stone Age (~2005), but now when you Google “cat I’m a kitty cat” the Albino Blacksheep link isn’t even in the first 5 results. Sadness. Albino Blacksheep is great.


I hope to make a flash this long/weird/full of stick figures/dorky.

Mr. Weight is my hero.


For some reason, I found this incredibly funny. Particularly the part after the “end.”