So here’s something kinda cool: earlier today I wanted to find a drawing that I’d favorited on DeviantArt but didn’t want to go and log into my DA account itself, so instead what I did was Google “LadyLeibniz,” my DA username, so that I could just see my profile and find the drawing I wanted from my favorites list.

However, when I was looking at the search results, I found that a good number of my drawings have been posted on Tumblr and have quite a few notes—29, 156, 194, 621—snazzy! I had no idea my art had been Tumbld.

This also makes me appreciate even more those people who take time to properly credit the artists of pictures that they post to Tumblr. All of the ones I found had the title plus “by LadyLeibniz” (which, of course, is why I could find them by Googling) and most had links right back to my DA account.

Sorry, I just think that’s cool.

2 responses

  1. Its good to see that more and more people are realizing that whatever they see on the internet ISN’T public domain, and giving credit.


    1. I know, right? Since when did people on the internet have decency and common sense?


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