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*insert depressing title here*

I am feeling so very discouraged today. It feels like this pandemic will never end because people are so selfish and stupid. Every time one part of the world takes a step forward, it’s like we take two steps back somewhere else in the world.

And when it is eventually over (assuming that happens), then what? What is there even to look forward to anymore? Climate change? Water shortages? More disease?

It’s like there’s no point anymore. Things are only going to get worse.

I can’t remember the last time I GAVE FEWER SHITS

Like everyone else, I’m not having a great time with life right now. Sorry for the terrible blogging.

(I mean, it’s not like I haven’t engaged in terrible blogging before, but now I have an excuse.)

*frustrated screeching*

*more frustrated screeching*

That is all.

First World Problems:

I want SCRAMBLED EGGS but I’m too sad to clean the pan, so I’mma just sit here and listen to music until I crash.

Things are hard when you’re sad.

I am Having a Bad Day


Are fake potatoes imitaters?

This guy gets it. He gets it.

Haha, and I’m right there with the “using emojis ironically” thing. It’s so tempting because it’s like “what in the fuck random garbage nonsense can I portray with a poop, six buckets, a dime, a plus sign, and three more poops?” but then I have to back off and not actually start, because it’s a slippery slope, yo.

It’s like Twitter. At first you use it for garbage Tweets like so:


But then, after a while, you start—



…okay, never mind.