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Visually Interesting Music Videos


This year’s been pretty damn slow as far as music goes, but there have been a few good music videos that have come out (or ones that have been out awhile but I have only just seen this year). So since I’m too busy panicking to have anything worthwhile to say today, here are some music videos!

This isn’t from this year’s collection of songs, but it’s a good (and sad) music video noneleless:

I actually didn’t know that this was a top pop song this year until after I stumbled upon this music video by accident. Awesome dancing!

Whether or not you like will.i.am’s music, I think his music videos are always pretty visually interesting. Also, lol Beiber cube.

It’s GAVIN (and a lot of other employees of Rooster Teeth)!

Here’s another collaboration the Barenaked Ladies did with Rooster Teeth.