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OK Print

This one definitely gets more impressive as it goes on. I don’t even know how you start to plan something like this.

OK Go is awesome.

OK Went

So OK Go has done it again:

I like this one a lot. I don’t know if any artists will ever be able to beat these guys’ music videos. And while I definitely am impressed by their more elaborate ones, I still really like this (relatively) simple one from waaaaay back when:

Go? OK!

So remember this post when I said that OK Go’s next step in the world of music videos would be to shoot one in space?

Well, I was close.

Zero gravity! Very cool.

Apparently there was lots of throwing up while filming this, haha.


So guess who Nate and I got to see in concert tonight?


Okay, that’s less of a hint and more of a giveaway, but whatevs.

We saw OK Go!

It was super awesome. It was also super loud (we’re pretty much concert newbs so we didn’t bring earplugs), so we just stood out in the hallway—which gave us as good a view as any of the band given the number of people at the venue—and danced and sang along with the songs we knew.

I was surprised that they played Here It Goes Again and Get Over It, since both of those songs are older, but they did! They also played I Won’t Let You Down near the very end, which was pretty much the one song I was waiting for the whole night.

There were a few other songs that they played which I’d never heard but liked, so those will likely be my daily downloads for the next few days.

WOO! First concert!

OK Go? More like OK WHOA amirite?

I didn’t like this song at first.
Now it’s a five-star.

Also, I’m pretty sure the next step in OK Go Music Video Land is to shoot a vid in space or something.

Claudia the Bad Blogger Gives You YouTube Instead of Actual Content

Let’s bring back some circa early 2000’s internet, shall we?


(Sorry, it’s been a crappy day)


I’m really digging OK Go as of late. Their music’s pretty rad, but their music videos, as many of you know, are pretty insane.

Here are a few I haven’t posted yet:


I love this, and the song is really addicting. It’s very “free”-feeling.

Drug trip!




Today’s song: A Tout le Monde by Megadeath

SHAMWOW (no, it’s not another Omegle conversation, don’t worry)

As much as Rube Goldberg tortured me my senior year of high school, this music video is really snazzy. I love all the crashes and bangs throughout, it’s great. So is the song.

Today’s song: This Too Shall Pass by OK Go