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As you may have noticed by the songs I tend to post on this here blog, I really like remix versions of songs.

Remixes and mashups, really.

So I actually wanted to see what percentage of my “new” music (i.e., my daily downloads since 2010) is remixes/mashups.

‘Cause why not.

  • 2010: 31/365
  • 2011: 15/365
  • 2012: 32/366
  • 2013: 40/365
  • 2014: 41/365
  • 2015 (so far): 31/130

Total: 190/1956 or 9.7%. That’s a smaller percentage than I thought it would be, but I’d still say it’s a pretty decent chunk.

Oh, and just for funzies, have one of the better songs I’ve found this year (it’s a remix!):

System of an Up

Approximately a year ago, my friend Wayne introduced me to the awesome a cappella group Pentatonix with the following Daft Punk medley they did:

Awesome, huh? Well, have two more (one is a Christmas song, so this is totally legit for a blog post so close to Christmas).

Want some more Christmas, don’tcha? Have some Steven Sharp Nelson rocking the cello.


Every once and awhile I just find Family Guy obscenely funny (this blog has nothing to do with Family Guy, just an observation)

This is…actually pretty good. I heard the first like fifteen seconds and was like “NOOOOOOOO they be ruinin’ mah current fave song!” but then it got snazzy.

Also, Doin’ It Right is now my third most-played song.

Freaking Daft Punk.

Do squared and cubed functions believe in higher powers?

What is this nonsense, huh, Daft Punk?

Good lord, instant favorite. I’m going to have to kick something else off my “Top 50” playlist so that this can go on it.