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Let it Blog


Can you believe I’ve never actually listened to that song until now? And that I still haven’t seen Frozen? You’ll notice, once I get my November music posted, that I now have like 7 versions of the song though, haha.

Though this one’s my fave, because the Piano Guys are awesome and that white cello is super beautiful.

This is mostly to get the Inspector Gadget song out of my head, to be honest

My Decade of Music update:

After the musical drought that was February and March of this year, April has swooped in to save the day. I had a real hard time finding really good music during the previous two months, mainly because a) I finally started work and thus didn’t have as much free time to randomly browse Soundcloud/YouTube/Pandora/the internet in general to find songs, and b) I think I just didn’t have good luck those two months; I know there were spells in 2010 and 2011 during which I really struggled to find a new song every day.


I shall share my favorites with you:

  • Tiga’s (Far From) Home is like crack. Or heroin. Or meth. Or all three mixed together and injected into your eardrums. Make sure you listen to this with headphones or speakers with a good bass. You’ll thank me later.
  • I stumbled upon Ehrencrona’s This Is So Good randomly, but I’m certainly glad I did.
  • Sometimes iTunes has really good freebies. Sleepyhead was one of them. Eric Hutchinson’s Watching You Watch Him is another.
  • Music by Joe Hisaishi? YES. Considering my shameful unilingualism, I had to run 天空の城ラピュタ through Google Translate; according to that, it says “Castle in the Sky.”
  • And finally, let’s get some Dragonette going with Let It Go.


Oh, and song suggestions are always welcome. :D