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2020 Music?!?!?!?!?

Happy last day of 2020!

I’d say good riddance, but I suspect 2021 will be just as much of a garbage fest (if not worse), so weeeeee!

Anyway, this is the first year since my Decade of Music project ended, so I have not downloaded a new song for every day of the year and thus can’t give you a full summary of the year’s songs to the same extent that I’ve been doing since 2010.

But I can give you my favorite songs (and maybe favorite music vids?) of the selection that I did download this year.

Yeah, let’s do that.

Top 5 Favorite Songs

Blinding Lights by The Weeknd
This is THE song of 2020. This is also, as I mentioned in a blog back in May, my pandemic song. I heard it just as COVID was starting to burn through Canada at the start of all this madness – back when no one knew how bad it would get – and I still get that little pang of anxiety I associate with that feeling whenever I hear the start of this song.
(Still love it, though.)

Sogno di volare (The Dream of Flight) by Christopher Tin
This is an amazing, beautiful, soul-lifting song. I mentioned this one in an earlier blog, too, talking about how I felt like I’d heard it before somewhere long ago.

FloriDada by Animal Collective
This song is so freaking weird and so freaking cool and so freaking WTF that I have to like it. Also, don’t look up the music video unless you want to have multiple seizures.

Bummerland by AJR
I love the energy of this song. AJR does great things with drum beats.

DVNO by Justice
The bass pounds my ears and it hurts so good.

Top 5 Favorite Music Videos

DVNO by Justice

Logo parodies/homages with smooth transitions + killer song = YAY

Bummerland by AJR

The only thing better than an AJR song is an AJR song with an accompanying fun music video.

Dynamite by BTS

I am definitely not “army” as this is the only BTS song I have (I heard it in a commercial and had to look it up, haha), but I love the song and I love how fun the video is. Also, Jung Ho-seok (dude in the “OBEY” shirt/red shirt) has an awesome smile.

365 by Katy Perry

Y’all know I like music videos that tell a story.

The Rest of My Days by S+C+A+R+R

Hypnotic dancing!

Oliver Tree is Fantastic

Apparently this whole music video was done for teh memes but I love it anyway and the song is super catchy.

He’s such a weird dude, it’s great.

Also, those pants are everything.


MuSiC vIdEoS


I was looking through last year’s music and realized that there were a few cool, interesting, or meaningful music videos that I can’t get out of my head. I figured I’d share them with you today, since I have nothing else to blog about.


“I’m goin’ 38, Dan…”

I’m kind of in love with Macklemore’s Downtown. Especially the music video:

It was filmed in Spokane, you know.

Edit: Hahaha, this is pretty great, too:

Edit 2: Imogen Heap! Wonderful:

(Sorry for the music video dump.)

Visually Interesting Music Videos


This year’s been pretty damn slow as far as music goes, but there have been a few good music videos that have come out (or ones that have been out awhile but I have only just seen this year). So since I’m too busy panicking to have anything worthwhile to say today, here are some music videos!

This isn’t from this year’s collection of songs, but it’s a good (and sad) music video noneleless:

I actually didn’t know that this was a top pop song this year until after I stumbled upon this music video by accident. Awesome dancing!

Whether or not you like will.i.am’s music, I think his music videos are always pretty visually interesting. Also, lol Beiber cube.

It’s GAVIN (and a lot of other employees of Rooster Teeth)!

Here’s another collaboration the Barenaked Ladies did with Rooster Teeth.




Can I take a moment and mention that this year has been particularly EXCELLENT for music? ‘Cause it has.

Songs needing appreciation:

This was the freebie last week on iTunes. I didn’t like it at first, but it totally grew on me.

How insanely chill is this song? Seriously.

Beautiful remix!

I heard this on a YouTube ad and had to check it out.


Also, my mom and I went to Spokane this afternoon to visit Auntie’s Bookstore. I got THIS!


The whole middle section is about calculus. SCORE!


Today was freaking horrible. Therefore, I shall focus this blog on three things that have nothing at all to do with my life at the moment.

1. Seriousness: Steve Jobs
I credit Steve Jobs with the initiation of my love of music.* The second generation iPod mini (with colors silver, blue, pink, and green) came out in 2005 and I remember my dad asking me if I wanted one. I pretty much had no interest in it. I had a grand total of five music CDs and a rockin’ portable CD player decorated in stickers. Why would I want to change that?
He got me one anyway, though, for Christmas 2005. Enter iTunes plus a $50 iTunes gift card for my birthday two months later and I was suddenly introduced to the fact that I now had the power to find ALL THE OBSCURE SONGS I’D EVER LOVED. It took like two months for my meager 40-something-song library to grow to 400+. The portability factor—along with the fact that I could now purchase songs individually and therefore didn’t have to weigh the pros and cons of buying a whole $15 CD for just one or two songs—made me want to listen to music.

Haha, and now look where I am.

So I thank you, Mr. Jobs, for your business sense, your inventive mind, and your desire to continually make/improve portable media products for gadget lovers like myself. If I had any extra money at this time, I would upgrade my current iPod (I need a bigger one, haha) in your memory. But that will have to wait until I’m not dirt poor.


Found on Imgur.

2. Creepiness: Googol
So remember when I blogged about Google’s Profiles and how it was freakishly similar to the product Google Face as I described in my NaNo Googol written last year (last part of this blog)?
Well, if Google merges with or takes over Apple within the next year or so, then I FREAKING CALLED IT AGAIN.

What I wrote:
“After the death of Steve Jobs in the early 2000s, Google’s founders felt there to be no other option but to approach Apple with a merger deal, offering them almost any stipulations they desired in exchange for being able to essentially mix the two companies into one giant hyper corporation that would push the limits of the known size of any company that had ever been in existence. […] Of course, prior to his death, Jobs had anticipated Google’s future moves. He knew that the corporation in charge of providing internet goers everything from facial recognition to “street views” of Pluto to basic search would not be so quick to pass up a merger opportunity with any company they thought was and would continue to be a successful internet partner. […] He knew a merger with the giant that was Google would most likely require sacrifices on the part of his own company. These sacrifices, however, he was not too willing to make. The impression Clarke gathered from the literature was that Jobs, in a somewhat secret move several years before his death, had created and documented several heavy handed stipulations and bargains that would have to be met in order for any sort of posthumous merger to take place.”

Including, as I go on to describe, a redesign of the Googleplex to match more the style of Apple.

Fun times.

3. Silliness: I Gotta Feeling
I’m not into hating specific types of music and I actually like this song, but this review is pretty great.

30-Day Meme – Day 6: Your favorite music video.
Oh crap, that’s tough.
I love The Music Scene by Blockhead because OMFG COLORZ:

But I think my favorite music video has to be for White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes. Watch this and tell me it’s not the most beautiful, sad thing ever:

I could watch that over and over and over and over.

That is all.

*Actually, such a statement is a bit of a misnomer. I’ve always loved music in the sense that I’ve loved playing it…I guess I should say that Mr. Jobs initiated my love of listening to music in general.

I’m gaga for Gaga

Which is substantially cooler than being cuckoo for Coco Puffs.

Or so I assume.

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve got a major crush on Lady Gaga. As much as I think becoming a super celebrity can destroy a person’s soul, I think that there’s still something genuine about her. And I dig her outfits. I also really, really like her music videos (edit: forgive the crappy quality of the pics; I took them using a screenshot program, haha).

Bad Romance
Aside from Just Dance, this was the second Gaga video I’d ever seen. I think I like it because of the different little segments as defined by her outfits.

She’s freaking gorgeous.

Favorite shot:

I initially didn’t like this song or the video, but I watched it about three or four more times and now it’s one of my favorite Gaga songs AND vids. I really like the costuming in this one, too.

And her nails, holy crap!

Favorite shot

And, like pretty much everything else Gaga writes, this makes you want to freaking dance.

Oh. My. Goodness. The dancers.

Anyone notice how freakishly beautiful her eyes are?

Favorite shot:

There. Just a little shot of Gaga love. I hope she comes to Toronto soon.

The Brave Little Blogger Goes for the 4 Year Mark

Next month at this time, I shall have passed the “I’ve been blogging for four years” mark. A stupid celebration of my lack of a life is being planned.

In other news, four day weekend, bitches! Thank you, Christianity.

ALSO: the very brief conversation with Maggie regarding Mika’s “Rain” music video (congrats, by the way ) got me thinking about the strange/cool/WTF music videos I’ve seen in my quest for a new song every day (and, of course, in years previous). You know this means you have to put up with another list (don’t worry, no repeats of past MVs I’ve posted):

  • Sebastien Tellier’s Look: probably the smoothest, most chill music video I’ve seen. Nothing like staring at a lady’s backside for four minutes.
  • Air’s Sing Sang Sung: nice flow, plus COLORS!
  • Mika’s Relax (Take it Easy): again, COLORS!
  • Queen’s Who Wants to Live Forever: because it’s Queen and this song is insanely awesome.
  • Gigi D’agostino’s The Riddle: I have no idea if I’ve ever linked to this one before, but it’s cool enough to be a repost if I happened to have done so. Jacob gets like 6 million brownie points for introducing me to this song/video.
  • The Rain’s Symmetry: lack of drumsticks and wet Germans. Why? Who the hell knows. Maybe ‘cause they’re The Rain?



Today’s song: Ariel by Dean Friedman


A good way to free the soul

So I’ve linked to this guy’s 2008 remix before, but his 2009 remix is pretty awesome too, so I’ll just link to all three he’s done, so you can get a good dose of awesome remix happiness before the new year.