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Holy craps.

I randomly stumbled upon this song and now I can’t get it out of my head.

This remix is super catchy, yo.


Want to see the difference a good remix makes with a song?


Okay. So here is Gold by Gabriel Rios, the Thomas Jack Radio Edit version.

Nice, huh? It’s my most recent 5-star and my currently most-played song.

And here’s the original Gold by Gabriel Rios:

Such a different mood, oh my god. At this point in the year I’m slowly starting to formulate the premise for my NaNoWriMo endeavor, and the un-remixed song fits perfectly with the general idea/atmosphere I’ve got going.

Sorry, I just really like the contrast between the original and this particular remix.



As you may have noticed by the songs I tend to post on this here blog, I really like remix versions of songs.

Remixes and mashups, really.

So I actually wanted to see what percentage of my “new” music (i.e., my daily downloads since 2010) is remixes/mashups.

‘Cause why not.

  • 2010: 31/365
  • 2011: 15/365
  • 2012: 32/366
  • 2013: 40/365
  • 2014: 41/365
  • 2015 (so far): 31/130

Total: 190/1956 or 9.7%. That’s a smaller percentage than I thought it would be, but I’d still say it’s a pretty decent chunk.

Oh, and just for funzies, have one of the better songs I’ve found this year (it’s a remix!):

Tacos! (This post has nothing to do with tacos.)

I’m pretty sure that Gabe Flaherty is one of the best remix artists out there. He’s the guy who did the amazing remix of Coldplay’s Paradise that’s still one of my absolute favorite songs. His other remixes are super cool, too. Here are my favorites (including Paradise). Check them out, and if you like them, give his YouTube channel a look!


HAHAHAHA oh my god. Drop what you’re doing and listen to this. Just when you thought the Gaston Song couldn’t be improved upon.

At 0:50 I almost fell out of my chair.


Guys. This deserves its own blog. Because that freaking beat is NNNNNNNNNFFF.

Does Mother Nature drive a Fjord?

Holy crap, guys. If the phrase “happy little trees” means anything to you, freaking watch this.

Beautiful tribute to a truly awesome dude.

That is all.


Say No to Deep Space

Issues: I have them.

Because I have 9 (yes, 9) remixes/covers of Sleepyhead in addition to the original itself, I figured it’s about time I give you guys links to all the versions I find fantastic. Ordered from most favorite to absolute total favorite.

Note: it was really hard to rank these, as any remix that even touches this song automatically gets 40,000 awesome points (that’s a lot).

10. Sleepyhead (Matt Sweeny Remix)
Slooooowed down.

9. Sleepyhead (DCDJ Remix)
A fairly chill remix…slower, less intense, but still very nice.

8. Sleepyhead (Little Vampire Remix)
Sleepyhead + a bit more techno = awesome.

7. Sleepyhead (Streetlab Remix)
Missing the main chorus, which is the best part, but I do like how fast it is in comparison to the rest.

6. Sleepyhead (Le Chev Remix)
Just found this one. Another fairly chilled out interpretation.

5. Sleepyhead (Run Toto Run Cover)

4. Sleepyhead (Neo Tokyo Remix)
2:17? Yeah, my heart skipped a few beats there.

3. Sleepyhead (Jazzsteppa Remix)
They took the chorus, extended it, and infused it with cocaine.

2. Sleepyhead (Cillo Remix)  
So chill. As soon as this comes up in my playlist, my blood pressure drops to dangerously low levels.

1. Sleepyhead 
No words needed here.

“You’re so blind your hindsight needed Lasik before it was 20/20”

I wish I was as good at screwing with sounds as this guy is:




That is all.


Today’s song: Gardyn by Pogo


Six hours of studying statistics leads to this insanity

HELLO MySpace land! It’s nice to be able to actually publish these things as I write them and not have to save them in Word. Super happy am I.


So I spent all morning/afternoon/early part of evening doing stats-related stuff, so when I came home I decided to do something that was also fun but in a totally different way.



Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I actually uploaded something to YouTube. Audacity + Fireflies + love for electronic music = this. As my comments say, sorry if it sucks, but Audacity is in no way Garage Band and I have never remixed anything in my life. So yeah.

Be kind!


Today’s song: Fireflies (My Remix Version Thingy Dunno What to Call it Yet) by Owl City, remixed by me. Mainly because I didn’t have time to go find another song today.

Oh…oh god…

Somebody took some hallucinogens and then remixed Sleepyhead.


At least, that’s what it sounds like.


This is the best remix of this song I’ve heard, and I’ve heard most of them.

This makes me obscenely happy. It gives me tingly feelings in my nether-regions, I kid you not.