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Apple! Y U no good at business anymore?


Apparently, iTunes has stopped offering its weekly free song. I know they’ve been doing that since at least 2006, but now they’ve just decided to stop.

What the hell?

Is it just me, or is that a super dumb move? I can, off the top of my head, name at least ten artists that have gotten a lot of good publicity by having a free song of theirs offered on iTunes. Remember when Sleepyhead was the freebie of the week? I can still remember the exact date I downloaded that song because it was such a good one. And I don’t know about other people, but I know that for me and for quite a few of my friends, that was our first exposure to Passion Pit and we’ve all become pretty big Passion Pit fans since.

I echo the Apple forum poster quoted in this article: “… the free single each week got me to the Store and I usually bought a few songs. Now, there’s less reason to go.”

I pretty much always wound up buying another song or two once I got my freebie, just because I was in the iTunes store and always ended up browsing the music. I can still browse now, of course, but that tantalizing allure of the freebie is gone and I probably won’t end up buying as much as I used to*.

This hurts my music soul. I have gotten some damn good songs from the iTunes weekly freebie thing:

Good move, iTunes. Good move.


*Okay, that’s a lie; I need to be able to complete my Decade of Music project, after all. So let’s just say I’ll be less motivated to browse and more likely to buy songs I’ve already heard elsewhere, like on YouTube and such.

You Too?

Why is everyone bitching about the free iTunes U2 album?

And if you don’t like it, it takes like 3 seconds to delete it.


I myself am not a huge U2 fan. I don’t dislike them, they just aren’t really my type of music. However, I really do like California (There Is No End to Love) from the free album. Can’t find it on YouTube so I can’t link it, but if you have iTunes and still have the album, check it out!

No, Cloud, NO!

Dammit iTunes, stop screwing with my music! I have a delicate balance of lists and playlists and playcounts and I do not appreciate your “here’s a bunch of stuff you downloaded but deleted but here it is again in case you really weren’t serious about deleting it” crap that version 11.0 introduces. Now my master and 2012 playlists are all screwed up. It’s a good thing I keep backup lists of everything.

[rant complete]


Today was freaking horrible. Therefore, I shall focus this blog on three things that have nothing at all to do with my life at the moment.

1. Seriousness: Steve Jobs
I credit Steve Jobs with the initiation of my love of music.* The second generation iPod mini (with colors silver, blue, pink, and green) came out in 2005 and I remember my dad asking me if I wanted one. I pretty much had no interest in it. I had a grand total of five music CDs and a rockin’ portable CD player decorated in stickers. Why would I want to change that?
He got me one anyway, though, for Christmas 2005. Enter iTunes plus a $50 iTunes gift card for my birthday two months later and I was suddenly introduced to the fact that I now had the power to find ALL THE OBSCURE SONGS I’D EVER LOVED. It took like two months for my meager 40-something-song library to grow to 400+. The portability factor—along with the fact that I could now purchase songs individually and therefore didn’t have to weigh the pros and cons of buying a whole $15 CD for just one or two songs—made me want to listen to music.

Haha, and now look where I am.

So I thank you, Mr. Jobs, for your business sense, your inventive mind, and your desire to continually make/improve portable media products for gadget lovers like myself. If I had any extra money at this time, I would upgrade my current iPod (I need a bigger one, haha) in your memory. But that will have to wait until I’m not dirt poor.


Found on Imgur.

2. Creepiness: Googol
So remember when I blogged about Google’s Profiles and how it was freakishly similar to the product Google Face as I described in my NaNo Googol written last year (last part of this blog)?
Well, if Google merges with or takes over Apple within the next year or so, then I FREAKING CALLED IT AGAIN.

What I wrote:
“After the death of Steve Jobs in the early 2000s, Google’s founders felt there to be no other option but to approach Apple with a merger deal, offering them almost any stipulations they desired in exchange for being able to essentially mix the two companies into one giant hyper corporation that would push the limits of the known size of any company that had ever been in existence. […] Of course, prior to his death, Jobs had anticipated Google’s future moves. He knew that the corporation in charge of providing internet goers everything from facial recognition to “street views” of Pluto to basic search would not be so quick to pass up a merger opportunity with any company they thought was and would continue to be a successful internet partner. […] He knew a merger with the giant that was Google would most likely require sacrifices on the part of his own company. These sacrifices, however, he was not too willing to make. The impression Clarke gathered from the literature was that Jobs, in a somewhat secret move several years before his death, had created and documented several heavy handed stipulations and bargains that would have to be met in order for any sort of posthumous merger to take place.”

Including, as I go on to describe, a redesign of the Googleplex to match more the style of Apple.

Fun times.

3. Silliness: I Gotta Feeling
I’m not into hating specific types of music and I actually like this song, but this review is pretty great.

30-Day Meme – Day 6: Your favorite music video.
Oh crap, that’s tough.
I love The Music Scene by Blockhead because OMFG COLORZ:

But I think my favorite music video has to be for White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes. Watch this and tell me it’s not the most beautiful, sad thing ever:

I could watch that over and over and over and over.

That is all.

*Actually, such a statement is a bit of a misnomer. I’ve always loved music in the sense that I’ve loved playing it…I guess I should say that Mr. Jobs initiated my love of listening to music in general.

The Four Corporations of the Apocalypse

I’m amazed by large corporations. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because the larger companies get, the more fiercely they seem to push for their right to be the largest company, especially when they have to muscle out some other company for top spot. I find it amusing, interesting, and frightening all at the same time.

Due to the insane technological advances we’ve been making in the past decade, along with help from the glorious, glorious internet, we’ve been able to witness the birth of mega corporations that are able to grow to tremendous sizes and pretty much envelop everything they touch. And when they decide to merge, we’re all in trouble.


Oh come on, you know which ones I mean…


Microsoft (area of dominance: computing)
Not only does Microsoft (in my opinion, at least) pretty much own the computing sector with their PCs, they’ve also got quite a monopoly on software (Microsoft Office, anyone?), plus Internet Explorer, Zune, Windows Media, Windows Live (including Hotmail and Messenger), and the Xbox 360.
It’s probably the weakest of the four corporate giants as I see them, but it’s still got a pretty strong hold on things when you think about it. Hell, I typed this out in Microsoft Word and uploaded it in IE*. I guess the reason it seems weak is because it’s not expanding at the rate of the other corporations I’ve listed.


Speaking of expansion…


Apple (area of dominance: portable media)
Remember that time where Apple only made those dorky computers? Haha, yeah. Nostalgia. Now there are IPHONES EVERYWHERE. Perhaps you read my blog about my adventure in the Apple store. If not, go read it, slacker! here’s the summary: people are psycho for Apple products. The company is rapidly gaining ground in the portable media sector.
– Music.
– Phones.
– Phones that also play music.
– Wi-Fi access in small electronics.
– Wi-Fi access in small electronics that also act as phones and play music
– Whatever the hell the iPad is.
– But wait! A newer version of the Wi-Fi/phone/music thing!

You get the idea.

Apple has pretty much taken over the “check out this electronic doohickey I’m carrying!” area, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing up. Pair this with the grip it’s got on the music sales industry via iTunes and you’re looking at one powerful company.


Facebook (area of dominance: personal information)
The king of personal information, Facebook as it stands right now is quite frightening. It’s not Big Brother we have to worry about, but each other, now that we’re able to pretty much list everything down to our genetic code on a social networking site. The worst part about it is how addicting it is. I’m not ashamed (though I probably should be) that I went through a freaky little withdrawal stage when I shut down my Facebook account for a few months back in May (April? Whenever), and was pretty much fully hooked on it again when I came back. Despite all the privacy issues Facebook’s having right now, I don’t think the number of people using the site will decrease by any significant amount anytime soon, thus leaving those of us in Facebook Land a good population in which to search and stalk.


Google (area of dominance: general information)
Last but certainly not least is Google. Google is terrifying.

Google will own the world in approximately seven more years.
In a decade, “Googling” will no longer just be a word for “searching via google.com” but will be a euphemism for all sorts of other things (possibly dirty things). In twenty years, we’ll have street views of Alpha Centauri.

Can you tell this company frightens me?

I guess if you name your company after something as big as a googol, you’re pretty much destined to be of the mindset to want to expand as much as possible. Their getting their hands on YouTube was the final “oh crap!” moment for me, now I’m just waiting for the blue, red, yellow and green takeover. Or should I say takeooooooooooooover.


Paranoia? Perhaps. But I’m waiting for the day Google decides to merge with Apple, they conquer Facebook, and Microsoft decides to join in just because. Then we’re screwed.

*Anyone who gives me browser choice crap is invited to come over and count the number of times Firefox crashes when I use it. That browser and I don’t get along, I like IE best, shut the hell up.


Today’s song: Protection (Sirius Mo Radio Edit) by Ben Mono

Apple stores are goddamn scary

Now I’m all for interactive electronics stores. If I’m allowed to fondle your merchandise before buying, I’m 60% more likely to buy and 100% more likely to fondle.

But holy lord. If your name is Steve Jobs and you’ve crapped out dozens of things that play music, come in pretty colors, have touch screens, and allow handheld access to the internet, you must realize that there will be no building large enough to house the throngs of people who swarm to shove iPhones (or, for the ladies, iPads) down their pants in Wi-Fi ecstasy.


I went to the Apple store in the Oakridge Mall this afternoon ‘cause old Nano finally died. The sheer amount of nerdy Mac people in there was frightening enough, but when I saw one lady trying to teach her young daughter how to say “app” and some dude purchasing four Macbook Pros, I just wanted to sprint to the back counter, get my Nano, and sprint the hell back out of there. Not to mention the people who were talking on their iPhones while playing with the iPad displays.

I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or start picking out baby names that start with the lower case letter “i.” But hey, I got a new Nano. It’s yellow, because the 5th generation yellow looks astounding whereas the 5th generation orange looks too brown for my taste.


Today’s song: Don’t Turn the Lights On by Chromeo

Yo blog title, I’mma let you finish, but this entry holds one of the best blogs of all time

iTunes Hates Canada and All Who Move There (And So Does PayPal): a True Story


Today I will narrate to you the scenario I experienced a few days ago when I tried to make a truce between iTunes and Canada. I log on to my iTunes account and notice that I’ve finally almost used up all my gift card money. The rest proceeds rather “nicely.”

Me: Oh hey, it looks like I’m down to 78 cents on my US iTunes account. I guess I’d better credit my account with more money.
iTunes: We can’t process your payment.
Me: Why?
iTunes: I’m not going to tell you.
Me: I’ll go check what PayPal has to say about this, then.
Paypal: Don’t ask me, it takes me five to seven business days to process anything. And it’s Friday, so good luck with that.
Me: Fine, I’ll just credit my account with my bank here.
iTunes: Wait, you’re using a Canadian bank account.
Me: No shit.
iTunes: You can’t do that unless you’re in Canada.
Me: I AM in Canada!
iTunes: But you’re not in iTunes’ Canada store.
Me: Okay, then I’ll switch my country on my profile.
iTunes: You can’t do that.
Me: Why??
iTunes: Because your current account is using a US bank account.
Me: So…I can’t use my US bank account because I’m in Canada, but I can’t switch to the Canadian store to use my Canadian bank account because my current account is linked to a US bank, even though my US bank won’t work for payment anymore?
iTunes: Makes perfect sense to us.
Me: Then I’ll make a new iTunes account with my Canadian bank account.
iTunes: Are you sure? You’ll have to use the Canadian iTunes store.
iTunes: Okay, let me just process your info. Oh, and by the way, Canadian iTunes blows.
Me: Thanks.
iTunes: It looks like I can’t process your payments from your Canadian bank account.
Me: WHY.
iTunes: I’m not going to tell you.
Me: Ugh, FINE, I’ll make my old PayPal link to my Canadian bank.
Paypal: Welcome to Paypal.ca! Would you like to set up a new account?
Me: Oh screw this.


So I just quit and am downloading from justmusicstore.com until Paypal gets off its butt in nine to twelve business days (that’s the conversion to Canadian days from US days, in case you were wondering).

You think they wouldn’t make it so complicated for me to pay them money, but I guess not.


Today’s song: Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson

Senor Blog says it’s time for another adventure!

Statistical computing: there are about sixteen of us in there. Guess who’s the only female and the only non-Asian?

Tell me that’s not intimidating.

Also, I have realized over the course of several MSN conversations how tied to specific memories the majority of the songs in my iTunes library are.
I say I could pick out a specific memory surrounding the date I added a song for about 90% of them.
This is very good when I’m feeling nostalgic, but pretty crappy when I want to focus on what I’m doing at the time when I’m listening to the song.


There was something else I was going to say today, but I honestly can’t remember what it was.



Today’s song: Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant

Haha, oh my

So you know those Action Philosophers! comics I ordered a couple weeks ago?

They came today. And they are…


I swear this is the best investment I’ve ever made (aside from, perhaps, the Choco Leibniz). The guys who write/draw this are freaking awesome.
My new phrase shall be “who are you going to believe…Leibniz, or your LYING EYES?”

Oh, and for those of you who use iTunes and didn’t know, the program has a visualizer that responds to your music. Just press Control + T.

I was basically high on M&Ms tonight and decided to discuss this with Nick over Messenger.

Monads are a Girl’s Best Friend says: Holy crap, Nick
Monads are a Girl’s Best Friend says: This is the most beautiful sequence of colors and patterns I’ve ever seen
Monads are a Girl’s Best Friend says: My eyeballs are having orgasms
This is not a screen name says: oh god
This is not a screen name says: have you ever considered therapy?
Monads are a Girl’s Best Friend says: They said eyeball orgasms were perfectly normal
This is not a screen name says: lol
Monads are a Girl’s Best Friend says: This one looks like a gaping vagina
This is not a screen name says: okay, no more freud for you
Monads are a Girl’s Best Friend says: Double helix jam session!
Monads are a Girl’s Best Friend says: You either need to get iTunes or get your butt over here
This is not a screen name says: lol, oh yeah, “hey nick, come over here so we can watch pulsating vaginas and disco-dancing dna”
Monads are a Girl’s Best Friend says: You know you want to
This is not a screen name says: hey, i never said i didn’t want to
Monads are a Girl’s Best Friend says: Haha
Monads are a Girl’s Best Friend says: Haha, iTunes visualizer haves Avril Lavigne
Monads are a Girl’s Best Friend says: And so does Spell Check

I’m bored as hell, can you tell?

Cue Christian Uproar over iTunes’ Latest Freebie…Now!

Guys…wow. This is one of iTunes’ free songs this week. The lyrics are amazing. I’m just waiting for the Christian uproar.

And the week after Easter, too! How appropriate!

“She Left Me for Jesus” by Hayes Carll (imagine a nice southern twang to this guy’s voice…it is a country song, after all).
We’ve been dating since high school
We never once left this town
We used to go out on the weekends
And we’d drink ’till we drowned
But now she’s acting funny
And I don’t understand
I think that she’s found her
Some other man


She left me for Jesus
And that just ain’t fair
She says that he’s perfect
How could I compare
She says I should find him
And I’ll know peace at last
If I ever find Jesus
I’m kicking his ass

She showed me a picture
All I could do was stare
At that freak in his sandals
And his long purdy hair
He must think that I’m stupid
Or I don’t have a clue
I bet he’s a commie
Or even worse yet, a Jew


She’s given up whiskey
And taken up wine
While she prays for his troubles
And has forgot about mine
I’m gonna get even
I can’t handle the shame
Last time we made love
She even called out his name


It could have been Carlos
Or even Billy Thornton
But if I ever find Jesus
He’s gonna wish he were dead




I think he should make this into a theme for his next album.


“God Ain’t No God if He Can’t Turn Water into Coors Light”

“I Named My Son Judas and That Little Bugger Ratted Me Out to the Feds”

“My Wife Says Our Son is the Son of God, I Say She’s a Cheatin’ Whore”




This substantially improved my day.

Haha, Apple, use a better font

My readers, I have one question for you all…

which cheese are you?

Also, Apple, you need to pick a better font for your updates, okay?  swear I do not have this horrendously illegible font on my computer…which makes me wonder how it is showing up at all…

Jimmy crack corn one more time and I’m referring him to a specialist

So tell me, iTunes, since when is “gift” a verb?

“Gift this movie”???


…oh wait. It can be used as a verb. Shoot. My bad.


But honestly, what’s next? Can’t you just say “GIVE this movie AS A GIFT”?? How many nouns will we convert to verbs?

“Alpaca this sweater”
“Dozen these eggs”
“Peanut this trail mix”
“Pythagorean Theorem those numbers”
“Savant that deaf kid playing the piano”

The down fall of English language is began.