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Oh look, PayPal wants me to fill out a survey

Yes, I’m still bitching about this.

So I got this email today from PayPal:

We understand that your PayPal account may have been temporarily limited due to questions or concerns by our Account Review team. Thank you very much for your cooperation during this process. We are pleased that your account has now been reinstated.


As part of PayPal’s Commitment to excellence, we would like to ask you to take just a few minutes to answer questions about PayPal’s account limitation process.

Oh PayPal, don’t do this to yourself.

To respond to our survey, please click on the web address below. If that does not work, please cut and paste the entire web address into the address field of your browser.

Ugh. Fine.

Question 1: Would you recommend PayPal to your friends/family as a way to send money electronically?
Your required items needed for account verification are those that are prone to frequent expiry (e.g., address, phone number, etc.). It is made exceedingly and excessively difficult to try and change your verification information without having to verify your identity with even more items that one may or may not have. I understand this, of course, as you are a company that deals with thousands of people sending millions of dollars over the internet. However, when one’s account is seemingly randomly limited, these verification processes cause more problems than they probably prevent.

Question 2: Thinking about your experience, from the time PayPal informed you that your account was limited to the time all limitations on your account were removed, how satisfied were you with PayPal’s account limitation process?
Very dissatisfied.

Then there was a checklist, on which I checked the following:
> PayPal requested information that I cannot provide
> PayPal requested too much information
> The account limitation prevented me from completing pending business
> I do not understand why my account was limited
> The account limitation process took too long to resolve

Question 3: How likely are you to use PayPal in the future?

Question 4: What one thing could PayPal have done to improve your experience with the account limitation process?
I certainly would have liked to know why my account was limited. However, more importantly, I would have liked to have been able to verify my account without having to go through the frustration of realizing that almost all verification options you provided for me involved proofs that I no longer have. I don’t live at that address anymore, I don’t have that cell phone number, and I don’t have a credit card. Luckily, I had failed to cancel my old bank account over the summer, so I was still able to verify with my debit card.

Question 5: Did this issue cause you a financial loss?
NA – issue still unresolved.

The manner in which I was informed that my account was being limited was professional.
Strongly disagree.

I was informed about the status of my case.

Strongly disagree.

I understood what was needed to resolve the limitation.


My account limitation was reviewed in a timely manner.


I was treated like a valued customer.


The amount of information I was required to provide PayPal was reasonable.

Strongly disagree.

The number of times I had to contact PayPal Customer Support in order to resolve this matter was reasonable.

Neither agree nor disagree (there’s nothing I hate more than having to call people about my problems).

I received adequate information explaining why my account was limited.

Strongly disagree.

The responses I received in regard to my account limitation were friendly.

Neither agree nor disagree (I heard nothing from them).

The steps required to have my account limitation reviewed were easy to understand.


Based on this experience, I feel that PayPal is a safer, more reliable payment method.

Agree (it sure prevented me from breaking into my own account).

Question 6: Please use this space to provide us with any other comments that may improve our services.
Being a PayPal customer for nearly five years and using it primarily to pay/receive money via eBay, I was surprised after completing a sale to find out that my account was limited. Not only did this prevent me from seeing proof that the buyer had paid (aside from eBay’s confirmation, though you’d probably agree that being able to see the money registering as existing in my PayPal account is much more concrete evidence of their paying), but it also prevented me from transferring said money to the person for whom I sold the item, as well as (and more seriously) prevented me from paying my eBay seller’s fee, causing them to send me several angry emails threatening to suspend my eBay account.
The fact that my only communication from you regarding this matter consisted of “your account is limited” with no other information explaining why or when this happened makes me very wary of doing any future business with you, and the fact that you fail to provide any account verification steps that don’t require some things that, generally, are transient enough in peoples’ lives that they change perhaps every 4 or so years (phone number, address, etc.) is yet another reason why I’ll probably not use your services again for quite a long time.
Of course, all of this could have been avoided had you provided me with either an email stating that my account had been limited before I had begun a $500 transaction over eBay or provided me with a verification technique that I could have confirmed over the phone or made it possible to update my address/phone number without your having hang-ups about the fact that I’m now living in Canada. As I stated, I’ve been a PayPal account holder for nearly 5 years, thus my great surprise at finding my account limited seemingly out of the blue. I don’t appreciate the unprofessional way that this limitation was handled, and I will definitely be taking my business elsewhere for the time being.
At this point I was reaching the 2,000 character limit, so I quit bitching and sent off the survey. I hope they actually read it.

Today’s song: The Universe is Laughing by The Guggenheim Grotto

Yo blog title, I’mma let you finish, but this entry holds one of the best blogs of all time

iTunes Hates Canada and All Who Move There (And So Does PayPal): a True Story


Today I will narrate to you the scenario I experienced a few days ago when I tried to make a truce between iTunes and Canada. I log on to my iTunes account and notice that I’ve finally almost used up all my gift card money. The rest proceeds rather “nicely.”

Me: Oh hey, it looks like I’m down to 78 cents on my US iTunes account. I guess I’d better credit my account with more money.
iTunes: We can’t process your payment.
Me: Why?
iTunes: I’m not going to tell you.
Me: I’ll go check what PayPal has to say about this, then.
Paypal: Don’t ask me, it takes me five to seven business days to process anything. And it’s Friday, so good luck with that.
Me: Fine, I’ll just credit my account with my bank here.
iTunes: Wait, you’re using a Canadian bank account.
Me: No shit.
iTunes: You can’t do that unless you’re in Canada.
Me: I AM in Canada!
iTunes: But you’re not in iTunes’ Canada store.
Me: Okay, then I’ll switch my country on my profile.
iTunes: You can’t do that.
Me: Why??
iTunes: Because your current account is using a US bank account.
Me: So…I can’t use my US bank account because I’m in Canada, but I can’t switch to the Canadian store to use my Canadian bank account because my current account is linked to a US bank, even though my US bank won’t work for payment anymore?
iTunes: Makes perfect sense to us.
Me: Then I’ll make a new iTunes account with my Canadian bank account.
iTunes: Are you sure? You’ll have to use the Canadian iTunes store.
iTunes: Okay, let me just process your info. Oh, and by the way, Canadian iTunes blows.
Me: Thanks.
iTunes: It looks like I can’t process your payments from your Canadian bank account.
Me: WHY.
iTunes: I’m not going to tell you.
Me: Ugh, FINE, I’ll make my old PayPal link to my Canadian bank.
Paypal: Welcome to Paypal.ca! Would you like to set up a new account?
Me: Oh screw this.


So I just quit and am downloading from justmusicstore.com until Paypal gets off its butt in nine to twelve business days (that’s the conversion to Canadian days from US days, in case you were wondering).

You think they wouldn’t make it so complicated for me to pay them money, but I guess not.


Today’s song: Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson

Hit me with your rhythm stick! Hit me! Hit me!

Today I’m going to give you an equation for a very dangerous situation. Are you ready?

Start with a base of $1,700 in one’s checking account.

Add a debit card and mix thoroughly.

Sprinkle in a PayPal account.

Add liberal amounts of access to eBay.

Stir and wait for insanity.


So far on eBay I’ve found an Antarctica map from 1963, a National Geographic from 1957 featuring a 70-page spread on Antarctica when they were first really starting to explore it, some uncirculated Antarctic currency, and a CD full of old Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theatre pieces. Love.


And somebody’s selling their rights for their liver. I’m debating on bidding.