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OOH, I forgot to mention that my mom and I walked to Market Mall a few days ago (was that Wednesday? Tuesday?) and went to the Apple store there ‘cause we’re attracted by the shiny technology. I wanted to look at the new iPods, even though I have absolutely no reason to get one until my old one dies (which I hope doesn’t happen; I like my old one!).

Anyway, they had a few of them on display with headphones plugged in, both so that you could see how the iPods worked and to test out the headphones they had for sale at the store. One set was particularly cool-looking and good-sounding:


(Picture from here)

These are the MH40 headphones from Master & Dynamic. They were really comfortable (they fit over my industrial piercing quite well) and had a good sound. I was tempted to get a pair, but they’re like $400 (even on Amazon), so that’s not going to happen any time soon.

But they look cool!

(Note to mom and Nate: you are not allowed to buy me these. I forbid it.)

Apple stores are goddamn scary

Now I’m all for interactive electronics stores. If I’m allowed to fondle your merchandise before buying, I’m 60% more likely to buy and 100% more likely to fondle.

But holy lord. If your name is Steve Jobs and you’ve crapped out dozens of things that play music, come in pretty colors, have touch screens, and allow handheld access to the internet, you must realize that there will be no building large enough to house the throngs of people who swarm to shove iPhones (or, for the ladies, iPads) down their pants in Wi-Fi ecstasy.


I went to the Apple store in the Oakridge Mall this afternoon ‘cause old Nano finally died. The sheer amount of nerdy Mac people in there was frightening enough, but when I saw one lady trying to teach her young daughter how to say “app” and some dude purchasing four Macbook Pros, I just wanted to sprint to the back counter, get my Nano, and sprint the hell back out of there. Not to mention the people who were talking on their iPhones while playing with the iPad displays.

I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or start picking out baby names that start with the lower case letter “i.” But hey, I got a new Nano. It’s yellow, because the 5th generation yellow looks astounding whereas the 5th generation orange looks too brown for my taste.


Today’s song: Don’t Turn the Lights On by Chromeo