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Stress = to the max. So here are some YouTube videos that got me laughing.

The end.

Steamed Hams

I love the internet. I love when the internet takes a thing and makes a meme out of it.

Example: the “steamed hams” scene from an old episode of The Simpsons (“22 Short Films about Springfield,” 1996). Observe the original clip:


And memed…


“Steamed Hams but There’s a Different Animator Every 13 Seconds”


“Steamed Hams but Chalmers is Obsessively Investigative”


And this freaking masterpiece of the internet, “Steamed Hams Inc.” Seriously, it’s so good. Watch it. It will change your life. I love the creativity of humans.

Thanks, Weebl.

This thing is like 800 years old. Explain to me why I couldn’t get it out of my head today.

I am sleep deprived and this is hysterical

The sleep deprivation and the hilarity of this Vine may or may not be related.

There have been a lot of these kinds of posts lately, sorry.

More 5 AM madness

Sock, sock, sock, sock, sock, sock, sock, sock

S H O E S ! !

Vine Compilation!1!1!1!!!!!


So watching Vine compilations has been a big thing for me over the past few months, ‘cause I miss Vine and there are a lot of compilations on YouTube.

But I’ve never seen a compilation that had all my favorites and none of the ones I didn’t find funny, so I made my own.

Because that’s what I do instead of working sometimes.


[Edit: I made a new one that has more favorites, so that’s what I’m linking to here]




It has been THIRTEEN YEARS TO THE DAY since Numa Numa Dance.

According to Wiki, the video was first posted to Newgrounds on December 6, 2004.

Doesn’t 2004 sound FOREVER ago? I was still in freaking high school.

The internet was a simpler time then.

Came for the Meme, Stayed for the Scream

Haha, oh my god.

Just…just give it a few minutes.

Okay, first of all, I had no idea “electric-country-pop” was a genre the human race was capable of.

Second of all, even the first set of screams sound legit; it’s only that one at 2:38 that makes me unable to take this seriously. Or makes me take this too seriously, one of the two.

Nothing is better at 7:45 AM than “AAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAEAAAAAAAEAAAAAAAAA!” It represents how I feel at that time of the morning, at least.

Edit 2: Wow.

Thumbs go up, thumbs go down, I’M THE STRONGEST MAN IN TOWN

Sometimes I feel very sad.

Then I remember that this video exists and I feel infinitely better.


Have I ever posted this on here? I found this like 400 years ago and I re-found it tonight. It’s probably the lack of sleep, but I was laughing super hard at it.


This is one classic YouTube Poop.

Favorite parts:

Oh, internet.

*screeches in 2003*

Pre YouTube, this kind of stuff was our online video entertainment. I know I’ve posted about this trilogy before, but I forgot just how fantastic it was and how it’s able to bring back all those good early-2000s memories.

Also, these must have taken forever to make. Especially the third one.


Holy balls, I didn’t know Jontron could sing so well. Also, I’ve always really liked animation collaborations. See: Clock Crew collaborations 1, 2


Excellent Vine compilation is excellent.

Sorry, I really love Vines.


I think I’ve said this before on here, but I’ll say it again for clarity’s sake. The only thing Twitter is good for is sports updates. That’s the only thing. Everything else on it is dumb. I don’t want to see your oh-so-important garbage broken into 140-character chunks of text.


Get a blog, you plebs.

Anyway, here’s the real reason for this post. The Mets Twitter posted this little guy during the game last night and I’m still laughing.


It’s just the perfect representation of how their season is going.



Freaking YouTube

It is 3:00 in the morning.
I have to get ready for my walk in about an hour and a half.
So what am I doing?

Trying not to wake up Nate with my inane giggling at this damn HowToBasic video.

There’s so much butter. There are so many sprinkles. He’s so goddamn weird.

I need to sleep.


I’m assuming this thing is creepy when you’re not sleep deprived, but it’s extra creepy when you are, lemme tell ya.

Di-Vine Punishment

Man, I don’t know if it’s because I’m beyond sleep deprived right now or what, but this is a damn fine set of Vines.

Why did they take Vine away from us?



I’m too stressed out to make a normal blog post, so have some internet stuff.

Glitter chocolate bars!

I wish more people realized that how you compose an email says a lot about you and can either get you want you want or get you exactly the opposite.

This is hysterical. I love when you see their little feet sneak in on the side to try and save their friend from the madness they’ve created.

I found a playlist on YouTube of all the MST3K shorts and I can’t stop laughing. My dad bought a bunch of MST3K on DVD back when I was a kid and my favorite part of them was whenever they did a “short,” which was usually some sort of after school special or a short little informative thing on how something is made. Favorites include “Why Study Industrial Arts,” “The Chicken of Tomorrow,” “A Date with Your Family,” and “Cheating.”

I pretty much love all these eyeshadows.

Incredibly satisfying.

How many trees are there?


Donkey church: “Let us bray.”

Good lord, HowToBasic.


So apparently I’ve been on Tumblr for five years now.


Can’t complain, though…that’s how I found Achievement Hunter!

So in celebration, have some of my liked/reblogged Tumblr posts.

Dijkstra’s Algorithm

I’ve posted this before, but it’s Gavin being awful at Uno

This is still hilarious I don’t even care

Gemstone nail art! (I might have posted this, too…)

Mystery box

The shape of South America on different map projections

Hey Now / You’re a Meme Star

So I’m all about stupid memes, as we all know.

Well, one of my favorite meme-type thingies on YouTube is people taking Smash Mouth’s All Star and doing weird-ass things with it. Examples:

The freaking Bach chorale. Wow.

I love the internet, man.

Reddit and Forgeddit

I’m bored as shit and don’t feel like blogging.

Or living.

So here are the subreddits I subscribe to in case anyone cares.



I do. I used to use it all the time before it got kinda spammy. I logged back into my old profile for fun this afternoon. Here are some of my favorite stumbles.



The Data Visualization Catalogue

A really good discussion about common probability distributions and what they’re used for.

And from Tumblr:

Here’s Gavin failing at Uno.


Use your birthday to figure out your own personal knuckle tattoos!
January: DRUG
February: HATE
March: DICK
April: REAL
June: THUG
July: CASH
August: GIRL
September: FIST
October: SHIT
November: BUTT
December: KILL
1st: CITY
2nd: RIOT
3rd: FACE
4th: FEAR
5th: GRIN
6th: WOLF
7th: PISS
8th: RASH
9th: DOGS
10th: TITS
11th: LUBE
12th: SAND
13th: FIRE
14th: KIDS
15th: BIRD
16th: NERD
17th: BOYS
18th: MOMS
19th: DADS
20th: VEIN
21st: WURM
22nd: FART
23rd: TRAP
24th: MOAN
25th: HOLE
26th: KING
27th: FUCK
28th: EYES
29th: LIFE
30th: LOVE
31st: STAB

“Hate Riot.” Accurate.

Sorry, I’m bored and I feel like crapples.