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Let’s Do the Time Warp Agaaaaaaaain!

HEYOOOOO so I’ve been in a nostalgic mood lately (what else is new?) and wanted to re-live the Old Tubes via early YouTube videos and AlbinoBlackSheep.

So here were are. Let’s reminisce.

The ultimate oldie. I had a friend in high school who looked just like this dude.


Another classic oldie.


AlbinoBlackSheep was a fantastic website for Flash animations like this. “OHIOOOOOOOOOO!”


Can’t forget this one, either.




I have this song. I can’t unhear these lyrics.


Maddie, how often did we quote from this when we were at U of I? I still say “let’s get ‘em” in my head when I’m buying something expensive.


This one too, oh my god. Benny Lava is a legend.


So energetic.


I think Aaron found this one. We were shouting “WHAT?!?!?!” at each other for months after we first watched this.


Al Gore getting murdered by earths is the funniest thing in this whole video.


The Beetis.


This was another one we quoted a lot in the house. “DON’TYOUFUCKINGLOOKATME!”


I still love this so much.



Claudia’s Miscellaneous Blog of Blogging and Miscellany (mostly internet stuff)

Hello reader(s)!

I was on campus from 7 until about 5:45 today, so all I wanted to do was screw around on the internet tonight. Hence, you get yet another craptastic blog! I doubt you’re surprised. BUT…I’ll change it up a bit and give it to you in numbered parts, how about that?

PART ONE: Vines!


The last time I played GeoGuessr (a looong time ago), they just had the world map and I could guess with moderate accuracy.
But now they’ve got a United States map (among other specific maps) and I’m MUCH better at that.


I totally forgot to post Irrational Exuberance that day I posted all those early-2000’s videos.


Massive crab. Massive damage. (Sean showed me this like six years ago and for whatever reason it was brought to my mind again today)

PART FIVE: FartParty McGee
I REALLY want to draw, but I can’t think of a good enough idea.


Do my crappy posts get you down? Don’t despair! I have a “serious” post I’m working on that I’ll probably post soon. Lucky you!

Ohhhh crap.

Well, hell.

I got my first stats 401 test back today and I got a crappy 84% on it. I actually think I did better than that, I think at least one is scored incorrectly, but still. A low B is crap in my book, I don’t care that it’s a 400-level stats class.

I say unto myself: fuck.


I’m trying to rationalize the situation rather than freak out about it. I figure I got an 85% on my first geography 100 test (I know that sounds horrible for a 100-level class, but in all honesty that man did NOT know how to write a test) and still pulled an easy A in that class (subsequent tests were 90% and 95%), so I’m hoping that’ll be the same way with 401, now that I know what his tests are like and all.  

Still, though, I’m quite disappointed in myself.

So right now I’m trying to cheer myself up. Here are the fruits of my search for humor (note: some of you ABS frequenters may have seen many of these):

Txt Msg Brkup by Kelly. The skit at the beginning’s hilarious, and the (ex) boyfriend’s reaction to Kelly at approx. 5:05 makes the whole thing worth it in my opinion.
Yatta! I love animutation. Catchy li’l thing…

Attention Deficit Disorder in Flash form
Why can’t I think of awesome stuff like this?  

Yeah, these cheered me up, but they have not erased my failure in my mind. I shall now hope that going to get my test looked at tomorrow will help.