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Old YouTube Nonsense Because I’m Sad and Have Nothing Interesting to Blog About

Read the title.

Back when I was trying to make my decision of whether to go to Calgary or Ottawa for grad school, I spent a decent amount of time watching videos of each city to see if I could get a “feel” for which one I liked more. This video helped me choose Calgary.



This man has been memed incessantly. I love it.


The subcontra bass flute: when you want to play the flute but also want to play the tuba and the drums and get lightheaded while doing all of it.


The poignant parody of boys bands that is Boyz 12.



*heavy breathing*



Yay, today was fun! Nate and I went to the Calgary Tower and then to an indoor botanical garden/mall that was tucked away within the depths of downtown. It was super cool. Have some grainy iPod Calgary Tower pics, because I suck at remembering to bring my actual camera and also suck at taking good pictures in general.

Nate’s feet, my feet, and the ground far below us:


So much flatter than Moscow, haha:


And bigger:


It never even occurred to me to take a picture of us (not just our feet) in the Tower as well, but I’m the worst photographer ever, so what’re ya gonna do.


I’ve decided. Have a look at where I’ll be living in a few months.

I’mma go throw up from anxiety now.