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I Think That I Shall Never See a Blogger Quite as Bad as Me

HEYOOOOOOOOOOO so remember back in June when I mentioned that my mom had brought back with her a bunch of my old USBs from way back when (like 2011/2012 stuff)? Well, one of the things that was on one of those USBs was my old bookmarks list from back when I used Firefox.

So as a demonstration of just how fleeting things can be on the Tubes, I went through all 255 bookmark links to see just how many of them still worked.

Only 165 of the 255 links worked.

That’s about 64%, yo.

Kind of sad, considering there were a lot of good and interesting sites I’d bookmarked.


Notables (links that I had forgotten about but are fun and still work)


I’m too stressed out to make a normal blog post, so have some internet stuff.

Glitter chocolate bars!

I wish more people realized that how you compose an email says a lot about you and can either get you want you want or get you exactly the opposite.

This is hysterical. I love when you see their little feet sneak in on the side to try and save their friend from the madness they’ve created.

I found a playlist on YouTube of all the MST3K shorts and I can’t stop laughing. My dad bought a bunch of MST3K on DVD back when I was a kid and my favorite part of them was whenever they did a “short,” which was usually some sort of after school special or a short little informative thing on how something is made. Favorites include “Why Study Industrial Arts,” “The Chicken of Tomorrow,” “A Date with Your Family,” and “Cheating.”

I pretty much love all these eyeshadows.

Incredibly satisfying.

How many trees are there?




The Data Visualization Catalogue

A really good discussion about common probability distributions and what they’re used for.

And from Tumblr:

Here’s Gavin failing at Uno.


Use your birthday to figure out your own personal knuckle tattoos!
January: DRUG
February: HATE
March: DICK
April: REAL
June: THUG
July: CASH
August: GIRL
September: FIST
October: SHIT
November: BUTT
December: KILL
1st: CITY
2nd: RIOT
3rd: FACE
4th: FEAR
5th: GRIN
6th: WOLF
7th: PISS
8th: RASH
9th: DOGS
10th: TITS
11th: LUBE
12th: SAND
13th: FIRE
14th: KIDS
15th: BIRD
16th: NERD
17th: BOYS
18th: MOMS
19th: DADS
20th: VEIN
21st: WURM
22nd: FART
23rd: TRAP
24th: MOAN
25th: HOLE
26th: KING
27th: FUCK
28th: EYES
29th: LIFE
30th: LOVE
31st: STAB

“Hate Riot.” Accurate.

Sorry, I’m bored and I feel like crapples.



So like a week ago I was going through my bookmarks and found that I still had freearcade.com on there. Well, today I have absolutely nothing exciting to say (what else is new?), so I guess I’ll just give you some of my favorite bookmarks.

750 Words: A website that encourages you to write 750 words a day.

Acme Klein Bottle: get Klein bottles of any size here!

CBC Music Streams: streaming music from CBC, organized by genre. Only available in Canada, though.

DeepLeap: random letters are given to you and you need to make words out of them.

Doll Divine: do you like dress-up games? I do, haha. Here’s a ton of them.

Metronome Online: for my musically-inclined readers.

PatrickJMT: math tutorials!

Powder Game: have fun with all sorts of powder powers.

RSOE EDIS: live disaster updates from all over the world.

Visual Formal Logic: understand formal logic with Venn diagrams.

TTSReader: text-to-speech!


Bah. Garbage blogger is garbage.

Internet Garbage

Because I’m garbage, too! And I already did a June List, so I can’t use that as an excuse to post this worthless nonsense.


Have some awesome pasta. How good does this look? So much cheese.

Or some writing material.

Miss Trunchbull’s cake, maybe?

Pancakes. Pancakes are always good.




That’s all I got. Sorry, in thesis stress mode. It’s not a happy place.

Witty title? Nope.

I AM DEAD from that freaking test, man.

Have some of my favorite bookmarks, ‘cause I’m pretty much worthless for anything else today.

  • 5 Second Films. Because they’re the best.
  • This site gives you letters one by one and you have to make words out of them in a timed environment.
  • Dogwood Ceramics. Want clay and glaze and related art tools? This is the place!
  • Want to look at recipes? Foodgawker!
  • I’ve linked to this before, but if you want to read fiction with a mathematical theme, go here!
  • Powder Game. I remember Aaron playing this for HOURS when we first discovered it.
  • A list of good redwood hikes, in case you ever get to northern California and want to see some amazing trees.
  • Wind map for the US.

“From lesion to cohesion” (or, “websites with which to procrastinate”)

Let’s have some fun today, eh? I have a psych test tomorrow. Here are a few websites of interest (have I done this before? I don’t know).

Several famous books online. I love this place.
True fun
. People rant against commercials.
Yes, I read fan fiction. Got a problem with that?
More fun
. Find exact locations of cities on a map of the world.
Already posted this, I know
Oh my god
! Graphs and data!
One of my new obsessions
. For all you ATHF fans out there.


Some pretty funny stuff

I have finished my physics, and I feel like doing something that won’t take a lot of effort. So here is my list of very funny (at least in my opinion) flash animations from various sites. A brief explanation is given, and I hope that, with these, you will get a good laugh (if not, please do not sue me. I have no lawyer).

The List of Happiness!!
– “The 5th Avocado“. This one makes me laugh cause it’s so damn random!
– The “Colin Mochrie vs. Jesus H. Christ” trilogy. Very interesting!
– “Everyone Else has had more Sex than Me“. I’ve posted this before, but I’ll post it again, cause it’s funny.
– “Irving“. I’m scared of bees, but not this one!
– “Mystic Island” series. I have a soft spot in my heart for these stick figures–especially Norm.
– “Which Backstreet Boy is Gay?” Self-explanatory.

Tell me which one is your favorite!