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Let’s Do the Time Warp Agaaaaaaaain!

HEYOOOOO so I’ve been in a nostalgic mood lately (what else is new?) and wanted to re-live the Old Tubes via early YouTube videos and AlbinoBlackSheep.

So here were are. Let’s reminisce.

The ultimate oldie. I had a friend in high school who looked just like this dude.


Another classic oldie.


AlbinoBlackSheep was a fantastic website for Flash animations like this. “OHIOOOOOOOOOO!”


Can’t forget this one, either.




I have this song. I can’t unhear these lyrics.


Maddie, how often did we quote from this when we were at U of I? I still say “let’s get ‘em” in my head when I’m buying something expensive.


This one too, oh my god. Benny Lava is a legend.


So energetic.


I think Aaron found this one. We were shouting “WHAT?!?!?!” at each other for months after we first watched this.


Al Gore getting murdered by earths is the funniest thing in this whole video.


The Beetis.


This was another one we quoted a lot in the house. “DON’TYOUFUCKINGLOOKATME!”


I still love this so much.



You Need a Bun

I have NOTHING INTERESTING TO SAY TODAY, so have some Benny Lava.

God, remember 2008? How things have changed since then.

YouTube Throwback

So I logged into my old YouTube account this afternoon—the one I made back in 2007 and pretty much stopped using by 2009. My old “Favorites” list is still posted there…

A The Brave Little Toaster trailer created as if it was a horror film.

This is appropriate for this time of year.

Oh my god, shoes.

Older than old, but still great.

And saving the best for last:

If you haven’t seen Benny Lava, you need to watch it now!