10 Year Challenge

“But moooom, all the cool kids are doing it!”

Unlike about 10% of the fads on the internet, this one isn’t deadly. You just post a pic of yourself from 2009 and compare it to one from the current year (2019, obviously).



One thing to note about these comparison pictures (for myself and probably most people doing it) is that the first picture was probably taken with an actual camera, while the second was taken with a phone camera. So that might affect things.



  • My poor industrial piercing is gone.
  • I am legitimately more tan than I was in 2009. 2009 me thought walking was a stupid waste of time and only really went outside to catch the bus to campus. 2019 me spends 4+ hours per day walking outside.
  • I think I look better with bangs, but those goddamn bangs were so hard to deal with.
  • No gray hair yet! I’m shocked.
  • My facial structure looks a little bit different in every aspect except for my lips. My lips look exactly the same.
  • Mo’ glasses, mo’ problems.
  • My eyes look waaaay darker in the 2019 version, though I’m pretty sure that’s mostly lighting. My eye color does vary from day to day and they’re rarely as green as they are in the 2009 version, but they’re definitely not that 2019 dark in all lighting.


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