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Let’s Do the Time Warp Agaaaaaaaain!

HEYOOOOO so I’ve been in a nostalgic mood lately (what else is new?) and wanted to re-live the Old Tubes via early YouTube videos and AlbinoBlackSheep.

So here were are. Let’s reminisce.

The ultimate oldie. I had a friend in high school who looked just like this dude.


Another classic oldie.


AlbinoBlackSheep was a fantastic website for Flash animations like this. “OHIOOOOOOOOOO!”


Can’t forget this one, either.




I have this song. I can’t unhear these lyrics.


Maddie, how often did we quote from this when we were at U of I? I still say “let’s get ‘em” in my head when I’m buying something expensive.


This one too, oh my god. Benny Lava is a legend.


So energetic.


I think Aaron found this one. We were shouting “WHAT?!?!?!” at each other for months after we first watched this.


Al Gore getting murdered by earths is the funniest thing in this whole video.


The Beetis.


This was another one we quoted a lot in the house. “DON’TYOUFUCKINGLOOKATME!”


I still love this so much.



All Quiet on the Western Font


You know what’s a big deal to me? Fonts.

Has anyone reading this ever seen the old Disney Silly Symphony cartoon called Music Land?

If you don’t have 9 minutes to watch: the story’s about two warring lands in the world of music: the Isle of Jazz, populated by anthropomorphic jazz instruments such as saxophones, trumpets, and guitars, and the Land of Symphony, populated by anthropomorphic—you guessed it—symphonic instruments such as violins, violas, cellos, etc. The princess of Symphony, a young violin, falls in love with the prince of Jazz, a little saxophone. They’re caught canoodling in Symphony, the prince is thrown into jail, and the two lands go to war over the whole thing. The prince escapes and the two lovers row out into the Sea of Discord (haha) separating the two lands and almost drown, causing the parents (Queen of Symphony and King of Jazz) to row out to rescue them. In the end, the queen and king fall in love and the two lands reconcile, creating a Bridge of Harmony across the Sea of Discord (d’awwwww). Seriously, watch the cartoon if you’ve got time, it’s pretty awesome.

Wow, tangent.

Anyway, to bring that back around, that’s kind of the relationship I see when I think of fonts. There’s like a Serif Land and a Sans Serif Land, with Times New Roman and Arial the two respective leaders. They absolutely hate each other and the serif fonts stay well out of the way of the sans serifs. And there’s like this half-breed group of wild semi-serifs that roam outside the boundaries of either land and eat the fonts that stray out of the protection of their respective areas.*

I’ll say it again: fonts are a big deal to me.

Anyway. The main reason I keep redoing my heading for this blog is because I have yet to identify a font as my particular signature font. Times New Roman is certainly my favorite font (serifs > sans serifs, I don’t care what anyone else says), but it’s not MY font. At least not for this blog. I keep jumping around with a few fonts (right now I’m using Metro, which is pretty great but isn’t just right), but every time I check for more to download I either download like 90 different ones and thus consequently have to delete yet another program from Vaio (hard drive = 99.9% full or something like that) while still not getting the right font or I get distracted reading about typography on Wiki.

So yeah, I know it doesn’t matter to anyone else and it’s probably just more annoying than anything else, but just to explain why that little header above keeps changing like every month/week/hour: I am searching for the right font. I know someday it will come.

The end.

Oh, also this, which I’ve posted before but am posting again because it’s hilarious and relevant.

*Do you see what goes on in my head? DO YOU? This is why I can’t take myself seriously.


This is genius.

Also, “Fontasia” would make an EXCELLENT Flash project, and would be attempted if I weren’t so lazy.