• I’m at the point with my team in Out of the Park that I’m good enough to be bumped into the perfect league but not good enough to stay in it for more than a season. So I keep bouncing back and forth between having a great season in the diamond league, getting bumped up and having a horrible season in the perfect league, and getting bumped back down to the diamond league. I have a feeling this will go on for a while.
  • I have a feeling that there are going to be a LOT of dental visits this summer. Not looking forward to that.
  • I have the urge to READ, which I haven’t had for a while. Probably because I haven’t read (fiction) in a while. Whenever I start up again, I remember how much I enjoy it.
  • My urge to read will probably diminish once work starts up again, though, which is sad.
  • OH SHIT I just realized that I’ve had On The Beach checked out for like half a year now from the U of C library. Maybe COVID will save me from library fines, since I don’t think the library is open at all right now (including the book drop-off thingy).
  • I miss the U of I library, man. Compared to pretty much every other library I’ve seen (except for maybe UBC’s), they had a very wide selection of books. It was also a good place to camp at one of the computer stations and work or find a secluded little desk and practice calculus. I spent hours doing that when I came back for my math degree in 2012.
  • I think I’ve mentioned this holographic nail polish on here before, but if not, BEHOLD!

The end?

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