• This is going to be a short list because this month has been boring as all hell.
  • Look, see, I just put that above sentence as a bullet point to artificially increase the length of this list!
  • That previous sentence, too! SOMEONE STOP ME
  • I just logged onto Newgrounds for the first time in like three years and re-watched all the RAB videos. It’s good to know my sense of humor has not changed over the past 14-ish years.
  • I need one. I am constantly cold in the winter even when we crank the thermostat.
  • I love my Garmin and it does absolutely everything that is essential for me when I walk/run, but man, it’s so tempting to get one of the fancier models just to be fancier. Like this one. Or this one.
  • Want exercises for certain muscles/muscle groups? Here’s a nice collection!

See? I told you it was short.

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