• Make icebergs and see how they float.
  • There’s a realtor up here named Ken Richter and his realty signs are the most fantastically nerdy things I’ve ever seen. He plays on the whole “Richter Scale” theme. I always want to take a picture of one but there’s always people around and I always feel weird about taking pictures of…well, anything in public.
    (Except other peoples’ cats.)
  • Edit: I found the Remax website that talks about him and they have the little scale graphic he uses:
  • Was anyone else absolutely terrified of Gossamer when they were a kid (and perhaps even now)? I think I’ve mentioned this before on here at some point, but I saw a .gif of him on Twitter and now I’m freaking traumatized.

I’ve had the opening song to “The Pajama Game” stuck in my head ALL FREAKING DAY, so here it is for you to get stuck in your head as well:

UGH I don’t have much to say today, sorry. Life is meaningless and the world is a constant disappointment.

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