• I have the sudden urge to work on my 2009 NaNo (Prime). That story is a lost cause and incredibly dumb, but I want to work on it anyway.
  • I also want to continue working on my 2019 NaNo (Adrift), but given the current circumstances…maybe not
  • Freddie Freeman is great. He’s one of my favorites. It’s too bad there will probably be no baseball this year.

  • Nate and I are currently re-watching the Mets’ 2019 season. Which is great, but I want REAL BASEBALL with REAL CONSEQUENCES
  • This article did not age well.
  • I need to trim my eyelashes. I forgot how unruly they get if I don’t keep them in check, and it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to give them a good trim. They seriously start to look like fake eyelashes, which would be great except that I wear glasses and they get long enough to brush against the lenses. I hate that feeling.
  • Alberta’s killing it with the testing rate (“Alta” on the graph).


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