List-a-Thon: August 2020 Edition

  • Hahaha, sorry, what? I feel like there’s a story behind this very specific piece of advice.
  • This is such a weird freaking baseball season. Watch the Mets not make the playoffs in a season where like 80% of teams are going to be in the playoffs.
  • These are beautiful little objects.
  • Need some ambient noise?
  • Here’s a calculator to approximate your risk of getting COVID from certain activities.
  • I love how all the nonsense in 2020 just hasn’t been quite enough for the US, so the universe was like “lol let’s add some raging forest fires in the west” just to make things more interesting. How much do you want to bet that Trump either a) completely ignores these fires or b) somehow blames them on the Democrats?
  • Edit from September 12: so three states are ON FIRE and Trump has said nothing publicly. Called it.

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