How Many Lists Could a Lister List if a Lister Could List Lists?

  • Unpopular opinion/preference: I prefer pants that do not have pockets. Pockets are bulky and they bunch up. Plus I never utilize them.
  • Another unpopular opinion: I freaking love cardio. It seems like a lot of people really dislike it, but I’ve always enjoyed it and definitely prefer it to weight training.
  • I got put on a (very subjective) “Best Professors at the University of Calgary” list.
  • The snark in this is fantastic.
  • This song (and its music video) is a mind trip.
  • Did you guys have a lot of Klutz books when you were kids? I did. My mom always got me Klutz books for Christmas and the like. ANYWAY, this was one of my favorite ones. I’m almost tempted to get another copy and see how much of it is still accurate (it was written in 1994).
  • This is the absolute cutest little thing ever.


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