List-o-Thon: February Edition

  • I’ll be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship this year, but it sounds like there’s quite a backlog due to COVID. So who knows when it’s going to happen. I’m definitely going to apply for it, though.
  • I think once everything gets back to normal and stabilizes (when will that happen? Who the hell knows), I’m going to try to get certified to do solo skydiving jumps. I really enjoyed tandem skydiving when I did it back in 2011 and I have enough money now to feel like I can safely drop some on this program. Like, how cool would that be?
  • I’m still truckin’ away on Ghost Town Realty. Is it any good? Hell no. But it’s been a fun story to work on and the only story I’ve ever written that I feel like actually completing.
  • I still have to get that bridge done in my mouth but I’m SUPER TERRIFIED of doing it. Not ‘cause of the possible pain (it can’t be worse than the “lol Novocain does nothing to me” tooth incident) but because there are so many more COVID cases in Alberta right now than there were when I got all that dental work done last summer. Plus all the variants.


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